What Can You Live Without?

The Lockdown is almost in its 6th week now. For most of us, this has meant being at home with our families as we are unable to work. For me, this is the longest I have ever been out of work. Thankfully (currently) I have a job to go back to when the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

I thought the weeks would drag but surprisingly they have gone quite quickly. That might be because our kids are going to bed later because they aren't at school which means I am going to bed later and we are also waking up later. We haven't gotten up before 8:30am since this whole thing started!

There will be plenty of things that we used to do that we now realise we can live without. I asked my Twitter followers what they have realised that they CAN live WITHOUT now that our normal lives have taken a dramatic change.

These are the things that my followers realised they can live without:

  • Costa - I work right next door to a Costa so the temptation is strong to go in and get one every day. For those that do do this every day, imagine how much money you are saving!
  • Football - The football season doesn't seem to be coming back any time soon and I enjoy watching sky sports news on the occasional Saturday I get off work to see if my bets are coming in and also watching Match Of The Day on a Saturday night. Not having any football is something I don't want to live without.
  • The Gym - I miss the gym and after all this lockdown and consuming 3645 biscuits each day, I really need the gym back in my life.
  • Shopping - Aimlessly walking around town on days off spending money seems to be a favourite pastime of a lot of people. Having this taken away from us has shown that we can still get by. I wonder how retail will fare once the restrictions are lifted?
  • Takeaways - A lot of people said they can live without takeaways and they're saving a lot of money. This hasn't affected us as we are still having them. I could definitely not live without takeaways in my life. I love you, pizza.
  • The Mother in Law - No comment from me in case of reprisals.
  • Pubs & Restaurants - This I thought I'd miss but I really don't either. The only thing I miss is the monthly visit to a pub with my mates. It's not as fun taking the piss out of them daily via WhatsApp, sometimes some good old fashioned face to face abuse is needed, and we are long overdue.
  • Commuting/Bad traffic - I can definitely agree with this one. When I had a car it was a right pain in the arse due to the times I started and finished work. Since I chose to not get another one and use buses it has been a lot easier and I certainly don't miss sitting in the car in a queue!
The final one is PEOPLE. Quite a lot of my followers said they can live without people. I totally get what they're coming from, sometimes it is way to peopley out there. This way we're told to keep the frig away from others. Bliss! Ha!

What have you realised you can live without during the lockdown? Do you agree with what my followers have said? Leave a comment and let me know.

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