Disney World Day 5 - Epcot

On Day 5 we headed to Epcot. It was absolutely boiling! Easily the hottest day so far. Epcot used to be one of my favourite parks but not so much anymore. Plus a lot of this park was closed as they were building new rides. We did, however, manage to meet quite a few characters in this park.

After our photo with Mickey, we decided to leave the park and take the boat across to The Boardwalk which is a quarter-mile promenade of shops, a bakery and a club. On the opposite side, there is the Disney Beach Club resort which has the amazing Beaches and Cream ice cream shop. We headed over there and found out that the shop was closed as they were renovating part of the hotel. Dammit!!

These are the views from the Beach Club, facing the Boardwalk.

Throughout the day we went on the Nemo ride, Soarin', Living With The Land and then in the evening we went on the Donald and the three Caballeros. We walked the world showcase during the day and in the evening. This was my favourite part of the park. The smells from all the food in the different countries were amazing.

After we ate our tea in the park we waited round to see the Epcot Forever fireworks which were really good. We videoed the whole thing here.

After the fireworks, we were all knackered. We had spent 13-hour sin this park without leaving. Our longest stint so far of the holiday. Alice fell asleep as usual!

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