Halloween Craft Ideas

Are you having a party this Halloween? Halloween seems to get bigger and bigger each year. It's not quite as big as it is in America but I imagine in a few years it will be. People love having parties now and trick or treating is still as big as it was when I was younger.

Face painting, room decorating and baking are all things people can do for Halloween. This post gives you plenty of ideas for Halloween. All of these are from the Hobbycraft blog.

I have not been asked to create this post by anybody associated with Hobbycraft.

Home Decor

If you're having a party and want to give your house a haunting look then check out these spooky home decor ideas.

Face Painting

If you're getting dressed up for Halloween you might want to have your face painted, or you may just have the pleasure of having to paint your children's faces. Either way, these face painting tutorials will help you out. 


If you're having a Halloween partty you may want to bake some spooky biscuits for everyone to enjoy. Check out this Halloween biscuit tutorial.

For the kids

If you want to keep the kids entertained you could help them make a Halloween squishy.

There is also a quick and easy guide on how to make some eye masks for the kids. This will keep them busy whilst you eat all the biscuits!

Hobbycraft also has free template downloads for pumpkin carving