Does your height cause issues when buying clothes?

I'm 6 foot 3 and I currently weigh *cough* seventeen and a half stone. I wear a size 12 shoe and I have quite broad feet. Needless to say, I have issues finding clothes that fit me sometimes. I mainly have issues with the length of clothes, most are too short or if they are long enough, they end up being too wide so it looks like I'm wearing a tent.

Jacamo is a men's fashion website, you may have seen the adverts on Sky TV before and during some TV shows. If you are yourself tall or a larger size than what most high street stores stock, then Jacamo seems to be the ideal place to shop. They go up to size 5XL in clothes and a size 15 in shoes. They stock well-known brands such as Adidas, Jack Jones, Timberland, Under Armour, Lyle & Scott and many more.

First up is the aviator jacket, this comes with a detachable collar. This isn't something I would generally go for but I thought id give it a try. It fits really nice and it comes in a "long length" which I went for here. The jacket is shinier in the flesh than what you see on the website. This jacket wouldn't particularly keep you warm on a winters day but as its getting warmer, this jacket is going to be a great addition to my wardrobe. 

The Chelsea boots are probably my favourite out of everything I have tried. I love tan coloured shoes and these fit perfectly. They are a wide fit which, easy to put on and very comfy to walk in. They will be great for any weddings we have to attend or I can simply wear them to work every day.

The next two things I ordered where the red and black check shirt and black jeans. I was able to get the shirt in a "long" fit and the jeans were available in a 35-inch leg. I have never been able to find any trousers or jeans with legs longer than a 34 inch, so being able to choose a 35-inch leg was a welcome change. That extra inch really does make a difference. Ahem. 

The shirt fits perfectly, I ordered it in an XL, which is my normal size. I ordered a 38-inch waist for the jeans. All of the other jeans I own are a 38-inch waist and for the majority of them, I don't need a belt. For these jeans from Jacamo, I will need a belt. It would possibly be worth getting the size lower than you normally do. I think if I had gone for the 36-inch waist they would have fit perfectly. They are really comfy but they definitely need to be washed before wearing. They do state this on the labels as the colour of them could transfer onto other clothes or furniture.

The Jack Jones jumper is my favourite item of clothing. You will definitely need a size a bigger than what you usually order as the XL I ordered was too small. I have now received the XXL and it the fit is much better. This jumper is ideal for a trip to the pub with your mates. Which is where it will be going next week! This jumper doesn't come in a "long" fit but that didn't matter, once I had the right size the fit was fine and it was more than long enough.

Would I shop with Jacamo?

I was sent these items for the purpose of the review and I was very happy with the products. Being able to choose a long fit or a wide fit for shoes gives me more choice than I can get in the shops. I will definitely be buying from Jacamo in the future.

If your husband, father, brother etc have a birthday coming up and you're stuck for an idea then you should definitely give the Jacamo website a look over, you are sure to find something great. 

For the purposes of this review, Jacamo sent me these clothes free of charge. All opinions are my own.