What My Son Thinks Of Bullying

My son Joseph has been doing karate for a while now and recently, whilst at his weekly class, his Sensei taught the children about bullying and how to handle it.

So now its been a few weeks since that chat I decided to see what Joseph thought about bullying. I decided to ask him a few questions, you can see his answers below.

What do you think bullying means?

Like, being mean to someone or unkind. Teasing someone. Pushing someone, hurting them.

Is bullying good or bad?


What do you think of people who are bullies?

They're not nice.

Would you ever bully someone?


Are you being bullied?


What would you do if you were being bullied?

Tell the teacher.

What if the bullies kept bullying you, what would you do?

Tell them to go away and if they didn't, do my karate.

Who teaches you about bullying and how to deal with it?

Sensei, you and mummy.

What do you think of your sensei?

He's really good cause he teaches me things.

Has learning karate made you feel better about sticking up for yourself against bullies?


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