Christmas Gift Guide For Dads

It's that time again, where you have to think about buying gifts for others in the hope that you get something back.

Come on, we all do that!

This year is the first time I am writing a gift guide. I'm aiming to write this for people who aren't quite sure what to buy for their dads/husbands/brothers etc. It isn't full of expensive items, but items that you may potentially not think about buying, but they are nice presents to give.

For the purpose of this guide, I was sent each of these items to try out before reviewing. All views are my own. Now that the boring sentence is out the way, let's see what we have;

Storm Trooper Bluetooth speaker from Funky Pigeon

Funky Pigeon sent me this 5W high-quality Bluetooth speaker in the shape of a storm troopers helmet. I'm a big fan of Star Wars and have wanted a Bluetooth speaker for a while so this was a match made in heaven.

I was very surprised at how loud the sound would go without comprising the music I was hearing. This is a great gift for any Star Wars fan, especially one who enjoys listening to music. The product was easy to use, I paired it with my phone within seconds, stuck some music on YouTube and off it went. My little girl was rocking out to some music in no time!

Proze Band+ Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor

This Proze fitness tracker came to me at a time I had just cancelled my gym membership due to not having enough time to go. I have been using this tracker since I got it to keep a count of how many steps I'm doing at work and on my days off, it has helped me to be more active than I potentially would have been. 

It also tracks your sleep etc. You can download an app which you can sync the information to. The first night it showed me I had 2 hours of deep sleep (sounds about with two kids) and 5 hours of light sleep, this has shown me that I probably need to go to bed earlier than I currently do. The tracker will also inform you of phone calls etc. It comes with either a blue or purple strap. Inside the box is also a spare black strap in case blue or purple aren't your thing. I've kept the blue strap on as I wear a light blue shirt for work and I'm all about colour coordinating!

Using this has definitely helped me get more exercise, as I really want to hit my daily target. 


Have you ever read a newspaper form the day you were born? I hadn't, but I recently received a genuine copy of The Times newspaper from 16th October 1986 from PapersPast. This was a unique gift that I would never have thought of getting before and it was great to see what was happening in the world when I was born.

It was especially hilarious to see that in the year a new Amstrad word processor came out that had an "enormous" 256k memory LOL! It was priced at £399!! Unbelievable.

I have written a review of this product which you can find here.

This is a really unique gift that I'm sure you would enjoy receiving.

Little Hungarian Heart Scented Sachets

This is a scented sachet for men that could be used in a gym bag, drawer, wardrobe, bedroom or anywhere else that might be a bit smelly. They are embroidered and sourced in Hungary and Romania from the artists and help support women in the economically deprived areas of these countries.

You can choose from either lavender or cedar scent. I would definitely have used mine in my gym bag if I hadn't had just stopped going, so instead, I have placed mine in my wardrobe. I went for the cedar scent as I'm not a big fan of lavender. 

These are great for a little stocking filler and I always find that handmade items make a more personal present, even if you haven't made them yourself. You can find them on Etsy here.

The Referee T-Shirt

I got this "Referee" t-shirt from Parent Bear which accurately depicts my life as a dad right now!

The Parent Bear sells t-shirts for mums, dads and baby grows with great slogans on. This t-shirt was my favourite. I ordered it in an XL as this is my size, I was very glad to see that when I tried it on it fit like an XL should. Not like in a lot of places where you buy your size and its either way to small or far too big. 

The t-shirt came in a choice of 8 different colours, I'm not one for bright coloured t-shirts so grey suited me fine. Being tall, I have a problem buying t-shirts that are long enough for me. I didn't have a problem with this one so I will probably wear it every day. I may wash it once a week, who knows.