How to make a Beauty and the Beast rose

This year I decided to get my craft on. I wanted to make my wife the rose in a glass case from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast as she loves Disney. Even more than me, I think (joke, I don't think, I know). Below is my how-to guide so you can create your own Beauty and the Beast themed rose. It is very simple to make.

Step 1: Buy a glass-cased dome from a craft store or DIY store. If you're reading this in the UK, you can buy these from Ikea or from their website. You are generally looking at around £15 for a 27cm high case. You can get them smaller if you wish to try it out first.

Step 2: Buy yourself some Mod Podge, red, green and silver glitter and also grey paint. I used Americana chalk paint. Buy an artificial rose. I couldn't get a red one at the time so, I spray painted it red. Cut the stem of the rose down until it fits inside the glass case.

Step 3: Drill a hole in the centre of the wooden base. Ensure the rose fits into the hole. Paint the base grey (two coats would be ideal) and once dry, give it a coat of Mod Podge. Then sprinkle your silver glitter over it. Once dry, pour the excess glitter off the base. Repeat this step again if it isn't fully covered in glitter. Once you are happy with it then apply another coat of Mod Podge to seal the glitter and stop it from coming off in the future.

Step 4: Cover the rose head in Mod Podge and sprinkle your red glitter onto it, again leave to dry and pour the excess off afterwards. Do the same for the stem but with the green glitter. Once these are dry, again, seal the glitter with another coat of Mod Podge. If you're not happy with it, add more glitter.  

Once it is all dry and you place the rose stem into the hole of the base unit. If you feel you need to you can add some super glue to ensure it doesn't fall over. Mine isn't glued and after several months it is still standing.

There you have, an easy guide on how to create the rose from Beauty and the Beast.

Youre welcome.

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