Feeling Suave With Frederick Thomas London

Suave - Having an air of confidence, courtesy, and intelligence. A stylish attitude, with high self-esteem

Do I consider myself? Probably not, and by probably I mean, definitely. This is where companies like Frederick Thomas come in. Their products are high quality and make they make you feel better about yourself. 

I was lucky enough to be sent this weekend bag. 

Frederick Thomas Ties was established in 2009 and specialises in selling high-quality men's ties, cufflinks and other men's business accessories. All of their ties feature their signature floral design to the rear of the tie which gives them a unique edge. They can also create custom ranges of ties for schools, football teams, rugby teams etc. They also have just recently introduced a wedding range. 

Upon checking out the bag I was impressed with its size (aye aye). According to their website, this bag is the perfect size for cabin luggage on a British Airways or Easyjet flight. This is perfect for me as we are going to America next year and I needed something to use as a flight bag.

I am also going to a conference with work next week where I have to stay over. Taking this bag with me, I'll be feeling like the bee's knees. It oozes quality. The bag itself is tweed and fully lined inside. It has a decent sized inside pocket and also comes with a larger strap inside if you wish to carry it on your shoulder. It has a reinforced leather base and studded feet. There are a variety of colours to choose from which should suit any man's preferences. 

Frederick Thomas is based in London. Looking online I saw a photo of their shop and based on the look of the shop I instantly had a mental image of the film, Kingsman. The Kingsman are a secret spy agency is masquerading as a tailors. I'm not saying Frederick Thomas are a secret spy agency but if they are, they're more than welcome to drop me some info if they're ever recruiting. 

You can buy socks, ties, cufflinks, pocket squares, weekend bags and other accessories from them. The prices are very reasonable when you take into considering the quality of the products on offer. If you have an important job, it's the little things to set you apart from other businessmen, such as the cufflinks or a nice tie. 

These products would also be a great gift for the man in your life at Christmas. You can find their website here.

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