I Spend My Life...

Hello, my name is Dad

I spend my life working hard so my family can have the things they want. 

I spend my life watching Peppa Pig.

I spend my life looking after my children, not "babysitting" them.

I spend my life reading things online about ALL men being horrible abusers. Fuck off with that shit BTW. 

I spend my life trying to raise my children to become amazing human beings.

I spend my life adoring my wife and being grateful for everything she does for our family. 

I spend my life saying "don't put that up your bum" to my two-year-old girl. She better get out of this before she gets older. 

I spend my life explaining what's just happened on the TV show my wife and I are watching.

I spend my life singing the Paw Patrol theme tune in my head.

I spend my life wishing for the attitude era to come back in WWE.

I spend my life wishing I could just. Put. The chocolate. Down. 

I spend my life hoping my children love me as much as I love them.

I spend my life wondering when Fireman Sam is just going to admit he bumped uglies with Dylis one night and Norman is actually his secret love child. 

I spend my life wishing I was back to a 34-inch waist. 

I spend my life hoping that I'm being the best dad that I can be. 

What do you spend your life doing? 

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