Daddy, Me Show You

It's been a gloriously sunny day in Hull, I've not seen hardly any of it due to being at work. I finished at 3 pm today as I started at 6 am. I'd only had about two hours sleep last night as I was working until 8.30 pm and then when I got in, I couldn't switch off. I must have fallen asleep at some point and then Alice woke up at 3 am, from that point, I was awake.

Once I got home, I walked in to find Alice's scooter laid on the floor just inside the living room, there weren't any sounds. "Shit, this isn't good". Any parent knows that when you have young children, silence is your enemy. When they're awake that is.

I stepped Into the living room and there were toys everywhere. Alice, like the little tornado she is, had clearly been having fun. I walked through the living room and saw Alice attempting to hide from me behind the couch. Alice is shit at hiding.

The wife was in the kitchen baking and she asked me to ask  Alice why she looked so clean and was in her jimmies already.

I did an Alice sized turd today


We're at Defcon one here I'm thinking. I ask Alice why?

She says in her innocent voice

"Me poo in bucket, me wee wee in bucket"

Oh dear lord.

"What bucket?"

"err, Paw Patrol bucket"

Oh isn't that magical.

"Me show you, Daddy"

Err, no ta. I think I'll pass. Thankfully she just wanted to show me the bucket, minus the turd. The Mrs had already sorted the chocolate snake issue out. 

Welcome home to me.

What did you come home to today?

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