June 26, 2018

Should mobile phones be banned from schools?

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Everyone has different opinions on what age you should get a child their first mobile phone. For me, I will be happy for Joseph to have one when he starts secondary school. This isn't something I've discussed with the wife though so it could change.

This week the culture Secretary, Matt Hancock has said that children should be banned from using their mobile phones at school. This isn't just banning children from using them in the classroom, this is a complete ban from having them in schools.

Should they be confiscated?

Matt Hancock believes that any child having a mobile phone, should have them confiscated at the start of each day. He believes mobile phones have a "real impact" on students achievements, which I believe, in my humble political opinion to be, bollocks.

So, should they be banned?

I don't think so. 

Most schools don't allow mobile phones to be used whilst the students are in their class which is absolutely correct. I can understand from an educational point of view that phones are a distraction. It should be up to the teacher to deal with any children who decide to use their phone in the class. Children should, obviously, be concentrating on the lesson and not checking out which tit Kim Kardashian has out this week.

It is up to the school to decide how they deal with this issue but I think banning them altogether isn't the right thing to do. I would want my children to have a mobile for their own safety, they will potentially be walking home alone, at least for some part of the journey and a mobile could be needed at some point.

We all know that bullying is rife in schools, always has been and always will be. Whilst I hope it never happens to my children I'm realistic enough to know that it probably is at some point and I would hate for my children to need to get in contact with me but now be able to because the school banned them from having mobiles on the premises.

What do you think about this? Should it be a blanket ban on mobile phones on school premises?

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June 07, 2018

Daddy, Me Show You

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It's been a gloriously sunny day in Hull, I've not seen hardly any of it due to being at work. I finished at 3 pm today as I started at 6 am. I'd only had about two hours sleep last night as I was working until 8.30 pm and then when I got in, I couldn't switch off. I must have fallen asleep at some point and then Alice woke up at 3 am, from that point, I was awake.

Once I got home, I walked in to find Alice's scooter laid on the floor just inside the living room, there weren't any sounds. "Shit, this isn't good". Any parent knows that when you have young children, silence is your enemy. When they're awake that is.

I stepped Into the living room and there were toys everywhere. Alice, like the little tornado she is, had clearly been having fun. I walked through the living room and saw Alice attempting to hide from me behind the couch. Alice is shit at hiding.

The wife was in the kitchen baking and she asked me to ask  Alice why she looked so clean and was in her jimmies already.

I did an Alice sized turd today


We're at Defcon one here I'm thinking. I ask Alice why?

She says in her innocent voice

"Me poo in bucket, me wee wee in bucket"

Oh dear lord.

"What bucket?"

"err, Paw Patrol bucket"

Oh isn't that magical.

"Me show you, Daddy"

Err, no ta. I think I'll pass. Thankfully she just wanted to show me the bucket, minus the turd. The Mrs had already sorted the chocolate snake issue out. 

Welcome home to me.

What did you come home to today?

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June 03, 2018

I Spend My Life...

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Hello, my name is Dad

I spend my life working hard so my family can have the things they want. 

I spend my life watching Peppa Pig.

I spend my life looking after my children, not "babysitting" them.

I spend my life reading things online about ALL men being horrible abusers. Fuck off with that shit BTW. 

I spend my life trying to raise my children to become amazing human beings.

I spend my life adoring my wife and being grateful for everything she does for our family. 

I spend my life saying "don't put that up your bum" to my two-year-old girl. She better get out of this before she gets older. 

I spend my life explaining what's just happened on the TV show my wife and I are watching.

I spend my life singing the Paw Patrol theme tune in my head.

I spend my life wishing for the attitude era to come back in WWE.

I spend my life wishing I could just. Put. The chocolate. Down. 

I spend my life hoping my children love me as much as I love them.

I spend my life wondering when Fireman Sam is just going to admit he bumped uglies with Dylis one night and Norman is actually his secret love child. 

I spend my life wishing I was back to a 34-inch waist. 

I spend my life hoping that I'm being the best dad that I can be. 

What do you spend your life doing? 

Tag a couple of people and pass it on, give the tagger a backlink and the person you tag. 

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June 01, 2018

Personalised Paw Patrol Book Review From Penwizard

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Alice is going to be three in September, she now has her own mind and is a little diva when she wants to be. She has no problem in TELLING me that Paw Patrol is her favourite program. She loves Marshall (what kind of pup lives in a teeny house? A Doll-mation! You're welcome). Rubble is my favourite (obviously) but when I tell Alice this she informs me that I'm incorrect and that Chase is my favourite. 

A few days ago we received a personalised Paw Patrol book from Penwizard. This book stars your child and their daddy, or grandpa if you wish, in an exciting adventure. These books would be great as a fathers day gift, which is coming up fast (17th June) in case you've forgotten! You can choose from Paw Patrol, Ben and Holly, Peppa Pig and In the night garden.

You can personalise the book on the website to make the child and their daddy look just like the real thing. It is very simple to do and can be done in minutes. When the book arrived it was packed in a sturdy cardboard box with stating "created especially for you". I opened the box and was greeted with a nice shiny hardback A4 book. I wasn't expecting it to be A4 so I was pleasantly surprised. 

As you can see above, the book is titled Alice's adventures with daddy. Obviously, this can be changed to your own name and your child's. The picture on the front is a striking resemblance of yours truly.

The book was Pawsome!

Alice loved looking through the book, she especially loved seeing Ryder and took great delight in shouting RYDER in my ear when she saw next to her on the page. I asked her what her favourite part of the book was and she said, "Daddy got stuck". She laughed at this part a bit too hard for my liking. 

It was nice being able to read to Alice and this is the first book where she has actually sat on my knee and let me read the full book to her.  I won't spoil the story for anyone who buys it but Alice loved it and she was easily able to describe what was happening in the story just by looking at the pictures. She loved it so much that I had to read it 7 times in a row!

We are looking to read with Alice more now as she is coming up to the age where she will be attending pre-school. We especially want to read to her on an evening before bed and this book is ideal to keep her attention. 

As I mentioned before, this would be a great gift for fathers day. If you're interested in purchasing one of these books from Penwizard you can get 20% off any of the books by using the code PAW20 at the checkout.

I received this book for free in order to complete this review. All views are my own and I do not receive any commission from any sales using my code.

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