Should There Really Be SATS Tests In Key Stage One?

This week Joseph has had his SATS tests. The government have decided that exams for 6-year-olds are the right way forward. I'm not sure I see the real benefit of Joseph sitting these exams. Does anyone else think that SATS test at this age are pointless?

How are we dealing with SATS tests?

We were told at the last parents evening that the tests are informal, children can take more time than they could if they were in year 6 and they try to make the days fun before or after a test. Basically, they try not to put any pressure on the children.

We have said to Joseph that as long as he tries his best we will be super proud of him. Both my wife and I do not believe in these tests and we didn't want to give him any unnecessary stress, because, after all, he is only 6 years old!

For this reason, we have not done any practising or revising with Joseph at all. He is a very clever boy so I know he will be fine. Each night this week we have asked him how his tests went and his response has been

"It was really easy".

We are not concerned with what score he gets in these exams as we know he always tries hard at school and that he loves going. When it comes to year six we will be helping him out but we will try and keep things as stress-free as we can.

Have they been stress-free?

No, Joseph was upset a little on Sunday evening as he thought he wasn't clever enough for his Maths test. Monday morning he was crying outside the school gates because he wasn't going to do very well.

It breaks my heart to see my son being anxious and worried about exams at a time when his biggest worry should be whether to have Spaghetti hoops or Spaghetti worms for tea. 

It is quite clear that whilst the school said they would try to keep them stress-free, something has obviously been said that has stuck in Josephs mind to make him feel this way.

Thankfully as I said above, he has said they were easy so his fears at the beginning of the week have been alieved. We will see what results he has got in the parent evening we go to in June. This weekend we will be treating Joseph to take his mind off the week he's had and to say how proud we are of him for working hard at school.

Has your child been sitting exams this week? How did you approach it with them?

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  1. we had math testing this week as well for my 6 year old. We studied for them by...going to the park. #thatfridaylinky

  2. I don't agree with testing at this age. My 5 year old has some tests coming up at the end of June. We've not even mentioned them to her, why upset and worry them at such a young age?

  3. I totally against sats for such a young age, just numbers for staff pointless X #LGRTstumble


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