15 Ways To Annoy Your Girlfriend

Some of you may have seen in the news this week that a man from Scotland has been charged due to a video he posted on YouTube. The man created a video showing that he had taught his girlfriends dog to make a Nazi salute when he said the words "gas the Jews". I can only describe this guy as a cockwomble.

He claimed that he did it to annoy his girlfriend! Dude, there are plenty of ways you could have annoyed your girlfriend other than making this stupid video. I outline *15 of them below: 

  • Hide all her underwear
  • Leave your cut toenails on the floor
  • Swap the sugar and salt around
  • Finish her bottle of wine and refill it with apple juice
  • Sleep with her sister
  • Shrink all her clothes in the dryer
  • Put a really bad photo of her on facebook
  • Send her pictures all day of your arse
  • Sleep with her mum
  • Half wash the pots
  • Leave her shoes outside in the rain
  • Invite all your mates round whilst she's watching Corrie
  • Let her dog run away
  • Teach her dog to bark every time she talks
  • Put a horses head in her bed

*One Hull of a Dad does not take any responsibility for any TV remotes that are thrown at your head or any divorces that may arise from taking my advice. To be honest, if you take my advice you deserve a remote to the head at the very least.


  1. Guilty:
    -Leave your cut toenails on the floor
    -Shrink all her clothes in the dryer
    -Put a really bad photo of her on facebook
    -Half wash the pots

    -Follow her around constantly telling her you love her for 10 minutes
    -Eat the rest of her food when she get up from the table
    -Put her bra in the freezer
    -Get her decaf coffee

    1. Putting her bra in the freezer is a good one. I'd even be annoyed at decaf coffee 😂😂


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