Do behaviour charts work?

Tonight we are going to try a behaviour chart with my son. He is six years old and sometimes his behaviour is, how can I put it politely,

Fucking awful!

We have tried a behaviour chart before when he was about 4 but I think he was simply too young to understand. I hope that he will now as we need to change his behaviour. I am aware now that he does seem like all the other six-year-olds out there but there must be a way to stop us feeling like failures as parents. Cause that's how we feel.

The behaviour chart

We're going to sit down with Joseph. He already knows that we have one and he is excited about doing it. I want to wait until his sister is in bed so we can sit quietly with him without the TV on. I want to get him to help with the sections that he should get a sticker for, such as "not answering back" as hopefully if he comes up with some the ideas then he should be more inclined to remember them as he knows he will lose his sticker.

We need to decide how many stickers he gets before we reward him with something. The reward may be something as simple as going to the cinema or maybe a new toy, we haven't decided yet. 

Have you used a chart?

My questions to you all is this,

Have you used a chart? How did your child respond? What rewards did you use and how many stickers did they have to get to get one? Do you feel that taking stickers away for bad behaviour is the right thing to do?

Please let me know in the comments

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