November 19, 2018

Has 2018 gone too far?

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2018, it seems has been the year of a lot of people being offended over what I can only describe as, fuck all.

We've seen people complain about a tissue being classed as "Man-size", a woman make allegations that she was the victim of violence and then trying to destroy the other person's life, even though we could all see on TV, across the country, that she wasn't touched. We've seen people complain about the Yorkie slogan "It's not for girls". It seems clothes that are specifically labelled for a boy or a girl are ridiculously offensive now, even though those children have no idea.


We have people who are gender fluid, non-binary, identifying as inanimate objects among many other things. Now I'm all for letting people be or feel how they want to feel but, do we really need a word for all this stuff? Do people really need to shout it from the rooftops that they don't identify as a male/female but they do identify as a duck-billed platypus and we should respect their rights as a duck?

We have seen over the year lot of people shout out about all this stuff on social media, claim outrage that a label they've given themselves isn't immediately respected. These people will then claim they are being bullied and respond to being bullied by giving abuse back, more often than not, ten times worse than anything they believe they have received. A lot of people are applauding this and feeding their delusions.

If you identify as an inanimate object then you should consider the fact that you have a mental illness and you need some help. The people who feed this by telling you how brave you are, are not helping you. Identifying as a building or a baby giraffe isn't normal or even slightly out of the norm. Do we really believe that people who do this are of sound mind? Should we not try and get them the help they need?

Maybe I'm wrong here, maybe this is perfectly normal and I'm just way out of touch now. I don't think I could ever believe that someone who believes they identify more like a building than a person doesn't need some sort of help. These are my feelings though and possibly don't represent many people at all, I don't know. This is just my corner of the internet to ramble on.

Have we gone too far?

The other day i saw an article on my local cities Facebook page about a CBeebies presenter had labelled on live TV a snowman as a "snow person".


Are we really that pathetic now that something that isn't real, will only last a few days at most, has gender biased issues? I don't usually comment on things like this, I just think quietly to myself how ridiculous a lot of these things are but this seemed to stupid not to comment on.

Apparently calling a snowman a snowman is outdated. Why? Why does this matter? Its snow!

As you can see above, I have come up with some much more cooler names if we really going to be offended at the word snowman.

Its called a snowman cause when people make one, it resembles a man. By all means, if its the fact that the word "man" bothers you, wack some snowboobs on it and call it a snow-woman. I doubt anyone will care and especially won't be offended.

I for one, cannot wait to get out of 2018. I hope 2019 is a little saner and people find an actual worthy cause or to be enraged about and try and make a change instead of worrying about snows feelings and whether a tissue has size issues.

What do you think? Have we gone too far this year?

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November 18, 2018

How A Toe Ruined My Sunday

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Today I should have been going to my sons 1st proper karate tournament in Barnsley to watch him complete. Instead, as I write this, it's 8:20 am and I'm sat in A&E with a possible broken toe.

How did it happen I hear you ask? Well, you'll find out further down the post.

I got up at 6 am this morning with everyone and waved them off. I got myself ready and then hobbled to the bus stop. I couldn't risk driving just in case it was broken, as I wouldn't have been able to get the car back home. The bus was quite busy but once I got into town it was very eerie. All the shops were closed due to it being early on a Sunday and nobody was around.

The autumnal weather has almost gone and winter is slowly sneaking up on us. There was a shimmer of frost on the ground and I could see my breath in the air. I'll be honest, I was freezing my tits off, and yes, I do have tits now. I've put on a little bit of weight, OK!

Once I'd gotten to A&E and completed the self check-in, I was seen by a nurse practitioner within 5 minutes. He prodded my toe like it was a piece of jelly (Do you prod jelly?). I had to push my toe against his finger in different directions, all of which were painful and almost impossible. My toe has started to go black along the left side and it is very swollen compared to my other toe. He decided to send me for an X-Ray.

Radioactive Man!

I made my way down the corridor to the x-ray department and rang the bell as instructed (I'm a good boy). Within 2 minutes, I was in the room getting my foot naked. Whilst I was sat outside the room I noticed a sign on the wall stating that when being x-rayed you are exposed to a small amount of radiation but the potential benefit of an x-ray outweighs the risk. Fine by me, If I get superpowers from this I'll be well happy.

How did it happen?

If it is a broken toe then this will be probably the lamest way to break a bone ever. On Saturday morning we were getting ready for my cousin's wedding (I don't blame her for this by the way, honestly). The Mrs had come downstairs from straightening her hair and said she had forgotten to turn them off. 

So, being the gallant knight in shining armour that I am,  I ran upstairs to turn the plug off. As I got to the last step, I hit the stair riser with my big toe. I said "fuck, shit, bollocks" under my breath as the pain was horrific and my toe went numb. Like any good soldier though, I carried on with my mission and I'm pleased to report, the plug was successfully turned off (no need to nominate me for any awards, silent adulation is enough).

We spent the rest of the day having a great time at the wedding. Throughout the day I could feel my toe throbbing and when I got a chance to take my shoe off and have a look, we noticed it starting to go black. The Mrs said that because it's my big toe I would need to go to A&E, just in case it is broken. 

Is it broken?

Now, the time is 11 am and I'm at home finishing the rest of this post. The toe isn't broken, just badly bruised. I have to rest it and stick an ice pack on it.

I kind of wish it was broken. I feel shit for missing Josephs karate tournament, especially for something as stupid as this. The only consolation is that I know there will be plenty more tournaments to go watch him unless of course, I sprain my wrist opening a bottle of juice or something.

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November 18, 2018

What My Son Thinks Of Bullying

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My son Joseph has been doing karate for a while now and recently, whilst at his weekly class, his Sensei taught the children about bullying and how to handle it.

So now its been a few weeks since that chat I decided to see what Joseph thought about bullying. I decided to ask him a few questions, you can see his answers below.

What do you think bullying means?

Like, being mean to someone or unkind. Teasing someone. Pushing someone, hurting them.

Is bullying good or bad?


What do you think of people who are bullies?

They're not nice.

Would you ever bully someone?


Are you being bullied?


What would you do if you were being bullied?

Tell the teacher.

What if the bullies kept bullying you, what would you do?

Tell them to go away and if they didn't, do my karate.

Who teaches you about bullying and how to deal with it?

Sensei, you and mummy.

What do you think of your sensei?

He's really good cause he teaches me things.

Has learning karate made you feel better about sticking up for yourself against bullies?


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November 14, 2018

Interviewing my kids

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This week I came across a post on Facebook that gets you to ask your children some questions and record their answers.

So, I decided to do this with my two. Josephs is seven and Alice is 3. I asked Alice the questions first as she was a bit knackered and I thought she would even try to answer them Lets see what they said...

WITHOUT prompting, ask your child these questions

Alice 3 years old

*What is something Dad says a lot? I don't know

*What makes Dad happy? Crying (I don't cry and it also wouldn't make me happy if I did LOL)

*What makes Dad sad? Don't know

*How tall is Dad? *raises arm over her head

*What's Dads favourite thing to do? Play with me

*What is Dads favourite food? Mash and gravy

*What is Dads favourite drink? Coca cola

*If Dad could go anywhere, where would she go? Bridlington

*Do you think you could live without Daddy? No

*How does Dad annoy you? Me don't know

*What is Dads favourite tv show? Barney

*What is Dads favourite music to listen to? Nothing

*What is Dads job? I don't know

*How old is Dad? 3

*What's is Dads favourite colour? Blue

*How much do you love Dad? Two eighteen

Joseph 7 years old

*What is something Dad says a lot? Stop shouting

*What makes Dad happy? People being good and nice

*What makes Dad sad? Me and Alice being cheeky

*How tall is Dad 6 foot

*What's Dads favourite thing to do? Have a rest

*What is Dads favourite food? Mummy's pasties (that's not a euphemism)

*What is Dads favourite drink? Fanta

*If Dad could go anywhere, where would she go? Disney world

*Do you think you could live without Daddy? No!

*How does Dad annoy you? When you say maybe cause I don't know if you're saying yes or no

*What is Dads favourite tv show? Batman

*What is Dads favourite music to listen to? Shotgun

*What is Dads job? Working at ********** and selling things and looking after us

*How old is Dad? 32

*What's is Dads favourite colour? Blue

*How much do you love Dad? 6000% and mummy 6000% I mean the biggest number in the world. 

As you can see, Alice is doesn't know a lot of things, but I guess I can let her off as she has only just turned 3. Joseph got most of these, spot on, although my favourite song isn't shotgun, it's his LOL. Why not have a go at this yourself, copy, paste and see what your child says!

You will be surprised how much your kids pay attention to you!

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November 11, 2018

Do These Animals Have Belly Buttons?

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Children come out with all sorts of questions, some important, some, not so much. They generally come out with these questions around bedtime. Anything to stall the inevitable drift into slumberland. One night a few weeks ago, the Mrs was putting Alice to be when she came out with...

This may seem like a simple question to answer but do you know the answer for certain? This isn't something I have ever been asked or even thought about. I mean, why the frig do I care if a pig has a belly button or not?

It turns out they do have belly buttons but they are just a bit harder to find.

What other animals have belly buttons Rich? I hear you ask.

Well, the below list of animals I hand picked and did a quick search to find out whether they had a belly button or not. You're welcome.

  • Sharks - Only for a few weeks after giving birth
  • Chimpanzee/Gorilla - Yes
  • Duck-Billed Platypus - No
  • Kangaroo - No
  • Koalas - No
  • Panda - Yes
  • Tiger - Yes
  • Penguin - No
  • Parrots - No
  • Cats - Yes
  • Dogs - Yes
Basically, if an animal has a baby like we do and not in an egg like birds, they will have a belly button as the umbilical cord will be attached.

I hope that has settled some of those niggling questions that I know you've all had. 

What random questions have your children asked you in the last week?

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November 07, 2018

Is Shopping By Gender Really A Big Deal?

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This week I came across a Twitter post that called out Matalan for the way their Christmas jumpers are gender specified. The post stated that Matalan "need to drag themselves into the 21st century and let kids be kids and wear what they like". So I asked myself...

The main issue was that a jumper which had Santa and a dinosaur on it had a label that said "boys" and a white jumper that had #santasquad on it said "girls. The problem being brought up was, that girls like dinosaurs to and boys like white.

After reading this comment my first thought was, "Are Matalan deliberately trying to cause offence here?".

No, I'm pretty sure they weren't. After all, they are retailers, they have suppliers who no doubt use that specific label on plenty of other things. The person who raised this issue didn't see why he had to walk to the boy's department to get this jumper for his girls, the jumpers should have been together.

This point I agree with. Partly.

I do think that Christmas jumpers or anything particularly seasonal should be put together so they are easier to find. What I don't agree with is, is there not being a specific section for boys and girls or men and women.

Now that that bit is out of the way... 

I decided to run a twitter poll to see if I was the only one who felt this way about gendered sections in shops, which I suspected I might be. This being 2018 an all.

The results speak for themselves I think. This isn't to say the person who wrote the original tweet is wrong, of course not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect their right to have one. For me, it just doesn't matter. I will walk to a different area of the store to get my child something that they want and I don't particularly care what that section is called.

What came out of this poll was that whilst a lot of people weren't bothered by calling departments boys or girls, as it makes shopping easier, it did bring a fair few people who would like to see a unisex section. After all, there are plenty of clothes that both sexes can wear. If you identify as a frying pan one morning, I'm sure there'll be something for you too.

It also showed that some people genuinely believe that 2-year-olds can be fully aware they are the wrong gender. Can a 2 year old be aware of this? I personally doubt it but I'm no expert. A massive row erupted over this  because there are certain people out there that cannot simply accept other people's opinions and that their way is the right way. 

I think some people should stop using children to further their own agenda (I don't mean the original twitter post here). Let kids be kids, sure, but let them do it without clouding their mind with all this crap. After all, you're the one that has the issues about it. Your kids have no idea. They just want to wear a jumper, climb a tree or whatever else they choose to do. I am glad to see that most parents aren't like this. 

As we all know, male and females bodies are completely different and most of the clothes made are to suit this difference in body shape, hence the departmentalised areas. I personally, don't want to have to walk through tons of strappy vests and skirts just to find a t-shirt that is going to fit me. I want to be able to go straight to that area and know that the top is made for a man and not a woman. I don't want to have to waste my time trying something on to realise it is made for a woman's body shape. I shop quickly, I know what I want, I go and get it, then I pay for it and leave.

We have already seen places like John Lewis and Next try the unisex selections, they clearly wanted the good press at the time and well done them but, this has clearly not made them enough money as they are either shrinking rapidly or now non-existent in most stores.

Does it really matter and will it ever change?

To me, no, it doesn't matter. I don't care. Will it ever change? Probably not, unless the masses demand it, it is going to stay as it is. This is what makes companies money. 

Are you bothered by gendered labels in clothes? I don't believe a label confuses children or anyone else, the confusion comes from how they are taught to look at these things.

November 06, 2018

Christmas Gift Guide For Dads

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It's that time again, where you have to think about buying gifts for others in the hope that you get something back.

Come on, we all do that!

This year is the first time I am writing a gift guide. I'm aiming to write this for people who aren't quite sure what to buy for their dads/husbands/brothers etc. It isn't full of expensive items, but items that you may potentially not think about buying, but they are nice presents to give.

For the purpose of this guide, I was sent each of these items to try out before reviewing. All views are my own. Now that the boring sentence is out the way, let's see what we have;

Storm Trooper Bluetooth speaker from Funky Pigeon

Funky Pigeon sent me this 5W high-quality Bluetooth speaker in the shape of a storm troopers helmet. I'm a big fan of Star Wars and have wanted a Bluetooth speaker for a while so this was a match made in heaven.

I was very surprised at how loud the sound would go without comprising the music I was hearing. This is a great gift for any Star Wars fan, especially one who enjoys listening to music. The product was easy to use, I paired it with my phone within seconds, stuck some music on YouTube and off it went. My little girl was rocking out to some music in no time!

Proze Band+ Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor

This Proze fitness tracker came to me at a time I had just cancelled my gym membership due to not having enough time to go. I have been using this tracker since I got it to keep a count of how many steps I'm doing at work and on my days off, it has helped me to be more active than I potentially would have been. 

It also tracks your sleep etc. You can download an app which you can sync the information to. The first night it showed me I had 2 hours of deep sleep (sounds about with two kids) and 5 hours of light sleep, this has shown me that I probably need to go to bed earlier than I currently do. The tracker will also inform you of phone calls etc. It comes with either a blue or purple strap. Inside the box is also a spare black strap in case blue or purple aren't your thing. I've kept the blue strap on as I wear a light blue shirt for work and I'm all about colour coordinating!

Using this has definitely helped me get more exercise, as I really want to hit my daily target. 


Have you ever read a newspaper form the day you were born? I hadn't, but I recently received a genuine copy of The Times newspaper from 16th October 1986 from PapersPast. This was a unique gift that I would never have thought of getting before and it was great to see what was happening in the world when I was born.

It was especially hilarious to see that in the year a new Amstrad word processor came out that had an "enormous" 256k memory LOL! It was priced at £399!! Unbelievable.

I have written a review of this product which you can find here.

This is a really unique gift that I'm sure you would enjoy receiving.

Little Hungarian Heart Scented Sachets

This is a scented sachet for men that could be used in a gym bag, drawer, wardrobe, bedroom or anywhere else that might be a bit smelly. They are embroidered and sourced in Hungary and Romania from the artists and help support women in the economically deprived areas of these countries.

You can choose from either lavender or cedar scent. I would definitely have used mine in my gym bag if I hadn't had just stopped going, so instead, I have placed mine in my wardrobe. I went for the cedar scent as I'm not a big fan of lavender. 

These are great for a little stocking filler and I always find that handmade items make a more personal present, even if you haven't made them yourself. You can find them on Etsy here.

The Referee T-Shirt

I got this "Referee" t-shirt from Parent Bear which accurately depicts my life as a dad right now!

The Parent Bear sells t-shirts for mums, dads and baby grows with great slogans on. This t-shirt was my favourite. I ordered it in an XL as this is my size, I was very glad to see that when I tried it on it fit like an XL should. Not like in a lot of places where you buy your size and its either way to small or far too big. 

The t-shirt came in a choice of 8 different colours, I'm not one for bright coloured t-shirts so grey suited me fine. Being tall, I have a problem buying t-shirts that are long enough for me. I didn't have a problem with this one so I will probably wear it every day. I may wash it once a week, who knows.

October 23, 2018

PapersPast Review

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Are you wondering what to buy for your husband/wife/sibling or another special person in your life? Do you think they have everything they want?

I bet they don't have an actual copy of The Times from the day they were born? If this sounds like you, then paperspast could be the ideal website to visit for a great gift.

One of Cornwall’s smallest businesses can solve your biggest gift-buying problem and send you a Gift Packed Genuine “Times” Newspaper. You can choose whichever date you like, each newspaper is retrieved from the archive and they check every page of the newspaper. It is isn't a reprinted copy but a vintage edition. This would be a great idea for a gift, and is something that I would have never thought of but when Ian from Paperspast got in touch about reviewing the product I just couldn't say no. 

I don't know a lot about what was happening in the world on the day or even year I was born but this paper gives me a great insight into what was going on. When I received the paper I couldn't instantly smell "old". It was a strange but satisfying smell. The Mrs is a bit weird with smells, she loves smelling old books etc. So I had to keep her schnoz away from this. I didnt want her sniffing, ruining my newspaper. 

I sat down with a black coffee (cause I was up early with the kids, obvs) and began to flick through the newspaper. I was happy to see a decent sized sports section. 
Some highlights reported on 16th October 1986 are:

  • Margeret Thatcher delayed her trip to the US due to the failure of the Reagan-Gorbachov summit in Iceland
  • Edwina Currie, the junior health minister said that smokers "should give up and bite their nails instead"
  • Pablo Picasso's second wife committed suicide in Paris by shooting herself in the head
  • England beat Northern Ireland 3-0 in their European Championship qualifying match with Gary Lineker scoring twice. 
With Christmas coming up soon these would be a great gift, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this paper and it is the first "Times" newspaper I have ever read!

Within your standard order, you receive 

  • Free Birthday Book (your choice of day and month) Everything you want to know about the day and month of birthday - famous people born of that day, news events from that day and month going back over the years.
  • Certificate of Authenticity with dedication panel for you to complete at home.
  • Recycled, Indian newspaper gift bag.
  • Conservation grade tissue paper.
  • ‘What day of the week were you born on’ quirky calendar.
Check out this advert for an Amstrad, only £399 and it has an ENORMOUS 256K memory! LOL! It can also show 90 columns and 32 lines of text, all at the same time! 

How far we've come since 1986.

I received a vintage copy of The Times free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. If you would like to order a copy of The Times on a special day then you can visit Paperspast here.

August 27, 2018

Feeling Suave With Frederick Thomas London

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Suave - Having an air of confidence, courtesy, and intelligence. A stylish attitude, with high self-esteem

Do I consider myself? Probably not, and by probably I mean, definitely. This is where companies like Frederick Thomas come in. Their products are high quality and make they make you feel better about yourself. 

I was lucky enough to be sent this weekend bag. 

Frederick Thomas Ties was established in 2009 and specialises in selling high-quality men's ties, cufflinks and other men's business accessories. All of their ties feature their signature floral design to the rear of the tie which gives them a unique edge. They can also create custom ranges of ties for schools, football teams, rugby teams etc. They also have just recently introduced a wedding range. 

Upon checking out the bag I was impressed with its size (aye aye). According to their website, this bag is the perfect size for cabin luggage on a British Airways or Easyjet flight. This is perfect for me as we are going to America next year and I needed something to use as a flight bag.

I am also going to a conference with work next week where I have to stay over. Taking this bag with me, I'll be feeling like the bee's knees. It oozes quality. The bag itself is tweed and fully lined inside. It has a decent sized inside pocket and also comes with a larger strap inside if you wish to carry it on your shoulder. It has a reinforced leather base and studded feet. There are a variety of colours to choose from which should suit any man's preferences. 

Frederick Thomas is based in London. Looking online I saw a photo of their shop and based on the look of the shop I instantly had a mental image of the film, Kingsman. The Kingsman are a secret spy agency is masquerading as a tailors. I'm not saying Frederick Thomas are a secret spy agency but if they are, they're more than welcome to drop me some info if they're ever recruiting. 

You can buy socks, ties, cufflinks, pocket squares, weekend bags and other accessories from them. The prices are very reasonable when you take into considering the quality of the products on offer. If you have an important job, it's the little things to set you apart from other businessmen, such as the cufflinks or a nice tie. 

These products would also be a great gift for the man in your life at Christmas. You can find their website here.

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August 20, 2018

Is having Children worth it?

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This past weekend my wife went away for some much needed time to herself, away from the demanding job that is being a stay at home mum. This has left me in charge of keeping two young humans alive (no pressure).

On Friday they spent the day with their aunty, whilst I was at work. I left at 2pm and made my way home. It's fair to say that I don't deal with the stresses of parenting that well and find myself frustrated by the kid's behaviour, even after a few minutes of seeing them. This stresses me out even more as I question whether I'm a good dad or not, on several occasions. I often can't wait for the kid's bedtime so that I can chill out and de-stress.

I'm quick to lose my temper when the kids aren't behaving the way I want them to. My brain sometimes doesn't let me understand that they are just children, I'm sure every child behaves the way mine do but this doesn't help me "In the moment".

When I came home on Friday the house was empty as the kids were out. I stood in the kitchen and the house was deathly silent. Sheer bliss you might say, enjoy it while you can. Usually, I would, but In that moment today, I felt something was really missing from my life.

I took a second to think about what my life would be like if I didn't have kids. The house would be quiet, I wondered what I would do if I didn't have the kids, maybe go to the gym I thought to myself, or go shopping. None of this thrilled me with excitement.

I immediately missed my children more than I ever have.

I really realised in that hour when they were still out, that they had made my life so much better. Even with all the stress they bring, I am so Glad that we decided to have kids. The joy they bring to your life out ways the stress they bring.

I believe that having children makes life truly worth living. I am blessed to have my kids in my life and I'm honoured to be their dad. I can't wait to see them grow up and become even more amazing than they are now.

So parents, if you're having a hard parenting day just remember

It's absolutely worth it!

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August 13, 2018

How to make Disney button art

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After making my wife the rose from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast (which i blogged about and you can read here). I decided I wanted to have a go at some Disney Button art. I mean, how hard can it be right?

Read on to find out how easy these are to make...

  • Search for your image on Google. I searched for "Mickey Mouse silhouette". Once you have found your chosen image print it off.
  • Now go and buy your buttons and frame. As you can see from the pictures I used red, white, yellow. I used an A4 frame, a box frame would be ideal but I couldn't get one in that size. You will also need a glue gun and glue sticks
  • Cut out your image and stick it to the frame backing board or card you are using as a mount. Use double sided sticky tape for this.
  • Get your buttons out and arrange them onto your picture
  • Once you are happy with it, you can start glueing them down using your glue gun
  • You can put more buttons on top to give it a more 3D effect if you wish (for this, you will definitely need a box frame).
  • Once it has all dried then you can put the frame on and stand back and admire your masterpiece!

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Have you made any button art before? I'd love to see some photos. Feel free to Tweet me and pictures and I will share with everyone 

Just in case you haven't read my Beauty and the Beast rose post I'll give you another link here

Thanks for reading

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August 12, 2018

How to make a Beauty and the Beast rose

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This year I decided to get my craft on. I wanted to make my wife the rose in a glass case from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast as she loves Disney. Even more than me, I think (joke, I don't think, I know). Below is my how-to guide so you can create your own Beauty and the Beast themed rose. It is very simple to make.

Step 1: Buy a glass-cased dome from a craft store or DIY store. If you're reading this in the UK, you can buy these from Ikea or from their website. You are generally looking at around £15 for a 27cm high case. You can get them smaller if you wish to try it out first.

Step 2: Buy yourself some Mod Podge, red, green and silver glitter and also grey paint. I used Americana chalk paint. Buy an artificial rose. I couldn't get a red one at the time so, I spray painted it red. Cut the stem of the rose down until it fits inside the glass case.

Step 3: Drill a hole in the centre of the wooden base. Ensure the rose fits into the hole. Paint the base grey (two coats would be ideal) and once dry, give it a coat of Mod Podge. Then sprinkle your silver glitter over it. Once dry, pour the excess glitter off the base. Repeat this step again if it isn't fully covered in glitter. Once you are happy with it then apply another coat of Mod Podge to seal the glitter and stop it from coming off in the future.

Step 4: Cover the rose head in Mod Podge and sprinkle your red glitter onto it, again leave to dry and pour the excess off afterwards. Do the same for the stem but with the green glitter. Once these are dry, again, seal the glitter with another coat of Mod Podge. If you're not happy with it, add more glitter.  

Once it is all dry and you place the rose stem into the hole of the base unit. If you feel you need to you can add some super glue to ensure it doesn't fall over. Mine isn't glued and after several months it is still standing.

There you have, an easy guide on how to create the rose from Beauty and the Beast.

Youre welcome.

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