Time is precious

Being a parent, time seems to fly by. I can't believe that my son is 6 years old, I can still remember bringing him home for the first time! I'm now 31, Kerry and I have been together since we were 19. I can still remember the times we would sit in the car and talk for hours after going out somewhere on a night. Now we have two children and have been married for seven years!

I was contacted by Jord to review one of their beautiful watches. All of Jord watches are made of wood! Yes, you read that correctly, wood. I never knew that wood watches were a thing until I started blogging. Since then I have dreamt of owning one. Now I do.

wooden watch wrapped around a hessian cushion with the display box behind it

As I get older I am starting to appreciate some of the nicer things in life. I don't own that many expensive things, I'm not one of these people who has to have a "named" clothing or has to have the nicest car around but I do appreciate a nice watch. I don't think anyone can have too many watches, with Jord watches you don't have to worry if it is the only watch you own, they look smart and stylish no matter where you are or what you're wearing.

The compliments the watch gets when you wear it also makes you feel great! 

The watch I have is from the Hyde range. I love the colour of the wood against the grey face. 

wooden watch on a mans left wrist

I don't wear a watch so that I can see how much time has passed, I wear one so that I can appreciate how much time I have spent with my family. Time is precious! Also looking good whilst I'm appreciating that is a bonus!

Your Jord watch arrives in a lovely handmade wooden box, there is a little drawer at the bottom for you to store the cleaning cloth or any spare links you may have. If you're interested in one of these watches you can receive a 25% off discount voucher by clicking here

Jord watches are great value anyway but with 25% off the price, you really are getting a bargain. These would make an ideal Christmas gift for that special person in your life. They are available for men and women. Hurry the discount is only available until 19th December 2017!

Watch Gift Ideas

a man stood against a wall with a wooden watch on his left wrist

wooden watch around a hessian pillow resting against a wooden box

wooden watch around a hessian pillow inside a wooden box

close up of wooden watch on mans wrist

mans hand in jeans pocket with a wooden watch on his wrist

wooden watch on a mans wrist

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  1. Seen a lot of people writing about Jord watches. it's fascinating how the mobile phone has killed off the watch yet good to see someone still making distinctive timepieces.

    1. I was thinking the same when I wrote this post. I love wearing a watch though and having one that is different is great!


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