How to make slime

Making slime is a craze that is still going on after months and months. I decided it was time for me and Joseph to give it a bash and see if it was as easy as people where saying.

For the slime, we used PVA Glue, water,  a jar, bicarbonate soda, Contact lens solution from Boots as it contained boric acid which you need to make the slime work in a slimy manner. We also had some paint to give it some colour. 

Joseph was very excited to have a go at this. The below instructions we used are taken from Hobbcrafts website and you can find them here.

1. Begin by filling your jar approximately 1/4 full of PVA glue.

2. Top up with about 1/8 jar of water (you want half as much water as glue, or slightly less).

3. Use a lollipop stick to mix until the water is completely incorporated into the glue.

4. Add your colours and embellishments! Squeeze in some paint, and mix until you reach your desired colour – it doesn’t matter how much paint you add. At this point, you can also mix in any embellishments you want to add such as glitter or sequins.

5. Take your contact lense solution and add approximately 2 tablespoons to your glue mix, stirring thoroughly. You should feel the mixture thicken ever so slightly at this point as you mix, but it will look quite runny still.

6. Now for the magic! Add approximately 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, and mix quickly and thoroughly! After a few minutes, it will start to thicken and begin coming away from the sides of the jar. When it starts to come away cleanly from the sides of the top half of the jar, it’s time to get your hands in there…

7. Pour the slime out into your hands or on a wipe-clean work surface. Use your hands to manipulate and massage the slime – the more you work it, the less sticky it becomes and more it sticks to itself. It is ready when it no longer sticks all over your fingers. 

The slime didn't turn out exactly as we planned and it wasn't very stretchy but we will definitely try it again as the ingredients are very easy to use.

Have you had any success making slime?

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  1. My niece will like this, she loves all kinds of slime! Thanks for sharing! )))


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