Hornsea Garden Centre

Hornsea Garden centre is situated in Sigglesthorne, it is a part of the British garden centre group. Last week we decided to go and see their Christmas stock. We love going to garden centres to see all the Christmas displays and this garden centre has to be one of the best.

This garden centre has had a pretty big renovation in the last year and has grown drastically from what it was like two years when we first took the trip after Alice was born.

As you walk in the entrance you are greeted with service desk and a display of some kind. This time there was a Christmas tree and an outside scene with a deer, birdhouse a fence with some Christmas decorations on amongst many other things. The display was well set up and I couldn't wait to see the rest of the centre.

This centre sells everything you would expect from a garden centre, garden tools, buildings, plants etc. It also has an aquatic area, the kids love this area. Alice loves shouting "Big" at all the larger fishes and "yellow" at anything and everything yellow. We first went into the area with all the plants. They're hundreds to choose from. There's also a mahoosive gorilla statue that would look bitchin in my garden. Instead of buying it this time we decided to settle for a photo of the kids next to it.

We were also treated to a band singing, this wasn't your typical band. Unless your typical bands nowadays are polar bears. They were belting out all the classic Christmas hits (I don't really want to get into the fact that it is far too early for Christmas songs). They did play my favourite Christmas song "Rockin around the Christmas tree so I'll let them off. Joseph had a little dance with Alice in front of the stage. Laughter and fun times were had by all.

We got to the Christmas section and were greeted with lots of Christmas lights and lots of inspiration. There were different colour themes as you moved around the store which I think is great if you are after a specific colour scheme. You can check out the photos in the gallery at the bottom of the post.
My favourite product has to be the fake fires that were in some of the displays, they were a bit out of my price range though as I saw one for £300. All the decorations seemed very reasonably priced for the detail that they had on them. One bauble I saw was priced at £2.50 which I didn't think was bad considering the size of it. It wasn't the type of bauble where you would have twenty on your tree so the price is fine.

The place was bustling, the whole atmosphere was very Christmassy. I think that's a word. We even stumbled upon an outside area we hadn't seen before which had some plants and huge dinosaur statues that you could buy! I'm not sure who would have a giant T-Rex statue in their garden but if you are that person, please send me a photo as I'd love to see it!

There were plenty of staff around if you needed them for anything. We didn't need anything as we just went for a look around ao I can't really comment on the service this time. All the colleagues that I saw interacting with other customers were polite and helpful.

Once we'd done the Christmas area we moved into the furniture area. Some of the furniture in this area is a bit pricey for me but it is very nice. As we were walking through I noticed a mirror and a settee, these we made with denim jeans (again there is a photo in the gallery). I'm not sure why I liked this but I really did. I don't think the Mrs was impressed so it won't be something I will be purchasing in this lifetime.

After this area came the toys, cakes and other garden equipment. There is also a cafe and toilets which include a disabled toilet and baby changing facilities. Thumbs up! The kids loved the toy section, obviously. All the toys were reasonably priced. They had a good selection of Lego, wrestling figures and many other toys for boys. They also had plenty of toys for girls and toddlers. Alice was particularly impressed with the plastic kitchen they had on display. She was busy cooking me something, or if she's anything like the wife, burning something.

Once we prised the kids away from the toy section we made our way to the exit. We had picked up some Disney pot sticks for £1 each which were the dwarfs from Snow White and the seven dwarfs. This Mrs was uber happy as she loves Disney and so was I because I'm a tight arse and spending only £4 on a shopping visit to anywhere with the wife and kids is a good day for me! The girl at the checkout was polite and served me quickly and efficiently. We will definitely be going back before Christmas. If you live around the area and haven't been, you really should give Hornsea garden centre a visit.

Photo Gallery by QuickGallery.com

 I was not asked to review this garden centre, all opinions are my own

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  1. That Jean sofa is rather funky. If I had a man cave it would be in there.

    1. That's what I was saying to the Mrs. She was having none of it even though the man cave has a strict no girls allowed policy 😂

  2. Love the polar bears and I think the denim couch is interesting. I'm not sure if I would want it in my living room but if I had a bigger house, maybe in the den or basement lol

    1. I think it would make a great addition to my man cave, so would the polar bears TBF 😂


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