Growing old gracefully

"Who the hell sings this crap?!" I find myself saying things like this more and more these days. I used to know all the current bands that were in the charts. Do they even have the charts anymore? Now I'm lucky if I could name one artist.

As I approach 31 this coming Monday I have been thinking more about how I thought about things when I was about 18 and how I think about them now. Does anyone else do this?

"It wasn't like that in my day!"

Today I arrived at work at 5:40 am. As I got out of the car I looked across the road and saw two blokes and two ladies stumbling down the street, clearly still pissed up and walking home.

Walking home! At 5:40 am, as I was going to work! ON A THURSDAY MORNING!! This never happened when I used to go out. Also, who the hell goes out on a Wednesday night? Am I so out of touch that going out on a school night is cool now?

There have been a few things recently that when I have thought about them, I have said to myself, "god, I'm getting old".

  • As said above, I have no idea who is in the charts
  • I actually thought to myself the other day, " I wonder where my slippers are"
  • The fact I wanted a pair of slippers
  • If I go out (which is rarely) I will take a coat with me
  • I now think "God they must be cold" when I see women in skirts on a night out.
  • When I go to the pub, I sometimes order a coffee.
  • I'm starting to enjoy some British dramas on TV (I generally hate British TV but Liar has been great!)
  • A quiet night in beats going out on the piss
  • Wanting to buy Werthers originals!
So, what things have made you say to yourself "I'm getting old"?

Let me know in the comments

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    1. HAHA i actually laughed out loud at this. This is something i would have written lol

  2. wow..... you are getting old!! lets lock the kids in the shed and go out and party like its 2002!!!


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