October 25, 2017

Old School Posts Linky 13

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October 22, 2017

Should Facebooks age restriction be higher?

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Facebook. It's by far the most popular social media site in the world. Almost everyone has heard of it. According to the statistic brain, 52% of students have reported that they have been bullied online, and 84% of that was on Facebook!

Does cyberbullying worry you? Have you let your child have a facebook account or other social media account? There are always a higher than expected (than I would expect anyway) number of reports of children being bullied online and then those children do something drastic because of this.

Should the use of social media be taught in schools?

I'm sure that Facebook is aware of the statistics and I am sure they have a "policy" for this but, is this enough? I have often seen videos of violence, bullying etc on facebook which I always report. If I can see that then so can children. I think there should be a few lessons in schools, probably primary school and early secondary school on the dangers that social media can bring. The rest is up to the parents of the children.

A new craze amongst kids

This week in the local news there was a report that an 11-year-old had gone missing for over 24 hours. Her family were worried sick as you might expect. After 24 hours she was found and it was the story after she was found that I was reading. Her grandmother had said, "Facebook should not be allowed for children under 16". Facebook already has an age restriction of 13 years old but in the case of the story above, this has been bypassed. My first thought is that it would be a good ideatidea to raise it but,

Would it stop cyberbullying? No, children will always find ways to interact online which will inevitably lead to cyberbullying somewhere.

How would facebook verify this? Anyone with half a brain can put a false date of birth into a computer to make sure that it looks like they're 16 or older. 

The grandmother had said that she had no indication that her granddaughter had taken part in a new craze but wanted to warn other parents of it also. This new craze involves kids egging on other kids to "go missing" for 48 hours. The child that goes missing then gains more points per mention on social media!

Seriously, kids these days are just plain idiotic sometimes. They clearly have no idea of the panic that this causes the family and clearly, have no idea of what could actually happen to them whilst they have gone "missing"...

So, should Facebooks age restriction be raised?

In my opinion, no. It is up to the parents of the children to correctly warn their children of the dangers of social media and what can happen whilst on there. As I said above, children will always find a way online to communicate with each other, at least on Facebook, as a parent you could easily get access to their account, especially if, as part of the conditions of using facebook or other social media you are the one that sets up the account. 

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments

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October 18, 2017

Old School Posts Linky 12

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October 15, 2017

3 things I hate about parenting

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So, you've taken the decision to have kids. Well done, me too. I had two of them. 50% of my children I've had for a whole 6 years!

Having a child is the most amazing thing that I think human beings can have. Apart from your own aeroplane with a Jacuzzi in it, obviously.

This means that being a parent is also the most amazing thing, right? Yes, it is amazing. Getting to see your children grow up before your very eyes and see what type of person they become is the greatest feeling in the world.

There are however some,  what we shall call, "shit times". These are the times when you want to jab a pen into your eyes so you don't have to watch any more of your child's favourite tv programme, amongst many other things.

There are so many parents out there that across all forms of social media, show how perfect their life is, how perfect little Timothy is and how he would never shit in his own garden or pick his nose on a bus and eat the bits from said nose whilst staring intently at the person opposite. To those parents, I call


Your life isn't perfect, let's be honest, Timothy is just as much a prick as the rest our kids when he wants to be.

Here are the top 3 things that I hate about parenting


"Yeah ill have waffles"

*cooks waffles and gives to first born child

"I don't like these waffles"


"I don't like jam sandwiches"

"But you have had them 5 times a week for 3 years?!"

"Well I don't like jam"

It's amazing how quickly they can go from loving something to hating it. Sometimes having to resort to "Well your just going to have to have cereal for tea then" is the only way. What else do you do when 2 different meals have already been made for one child because they decided that "that spaghetti is too orange".

Lone dumps

Lone dumps are a thing of the past. I cant say that before kids I had ever had an audience whilst releasing a chocolate snake. Now it's inevitable. It's very disconcerting when my daughter stands there staring at me, eye to eye with a, slightly demonic smile. Sometimes she'll pass me the toilet roll so at least she's being helpful. Sometimes she'll try and throw things down the bog whilst I'm on it. 

Hopefully, she'll grow out of this before she starts dating.

Kids TV shows

When I was a kid, TV shows where awesomely supreme. Fireman Sam, Postman Pat and Thomas The Tank Engine were favourites. Now they're computer generated and to politically correct. Ponty Pandy has the most diverse group of people in one area I have ever seen! Then you had Arthur, Recess, Hey Arnold, Fun House and even My Parents Are Aliens, come on, you know that was a classic.

Now you've got weird shit with weird people on it. I've always had a thing against adults over the age of about 25 presenting or being part of kids TV. It feels weird, Mr Tumble is a particular character I have a feeling of hate for. He's just a bit too "into it" for my liking.  

The fact that our kids love these shows is the worst thing about it. My daughter loves Peppa Pig. I had to cancel my Sky Sports package as I could never watch it. You should see what happens when you try and turn Peppa off, it really is a sight to behold.

What are your most hated things about parenting? Let me know in the comments below.

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October 15, 2017

The Santa Talk

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Santa, Saint Nic, that fat prick with the big sack, are all names that we associate with the big jolly fellow Father Christmas.

That isn't a condom about to slap Santa in the face, I think.

Father Christmas has a lot to answer in my opinion, he bribes children to be good with presents

"Stranger Danger!"

He also, once a year breaks into your house. Yes, he leaves cool presents, unless your dad and he leaves you socks but still, he has committed a crime! 
If you're a bit of a traditionalist you may leave him some form of alcohol. He seems to do a lot of drinking and flying, yet gets away with it! It amazes me what a stack load of presents can get you out of!


We all know that Father Christmas ain't real.

Soz if you just found out!

Pretty much every parent tells their children about the magic of Christmas and includes Santa in these stories. It gets our children excited and there is nothing better than seeing our children's faces light up at the thought of Christmas! My Kids love it, well Joseph does. Alice is still a bit too young to understand yet. Joseph loves leaving a glass of daddies Disarano out for him and a carrot for Rudolph. I'm pretty sure Rudolph is going to prefer a Dairy Milk this year. 

Last year the Mrs left out "footprints" from Santa so Joseph could see them in the morning. His face was a picture! 

At some point though there comes the realisation that you need to tell your children the truth.

When is the right age to tell a child that Santa isn't real? Again, soz if I've spoilt it but you really should pay attention, you could have found out earlier in the post. 

As Joseph has only just turned 6 he is a long way off finding out about this. We do tell him that we buy some of the present but that we send them to Santa so he can deliver them to him if he's a good boy. The Mrs and I haven't discussed when we would tell him, as I said he is still very young.

For those of you with older kids, how did you go about telling them? What age were they? If they had a brother/sister how did you get them to not blurt it out to them? Bribery? 

We have a 4 year age gap between our kids so Joseph will know for quite a while before Alice does, hopefully. 

Let me know your thoughts...

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October 12, 2017

Growing old gracefully

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"Who the hell sings this crap?!" I find myself saying things like this more and more these days. I used to know all the current bands that were in the charts. Do they even have the charts anymore? Now I'm lucky if I could name one artist.

As I approach 31 this coming Monday I have been thinking more about how I thought about things when I was about 18 and how I think about them now. Does anyone else do this?

"It wasn't like that in my day!"

Today I arrived at work at 5:40 am. As I got out of the car I looked across the road and saw two blokes and two ladies stumbling down the street, clearly still pissed up and walking home.

Walking home! At 5:40 am, as I was going to work! ON A THURSDAY MORNING!! This never happened when I used to go out. Also, who the hell goes out on a Wednesday night? Am I so out of touch that going out on a school night is cool now?

There have been a few things recently that when I have thought about them, I have said to myself, "god, I'm getting old".

  • As said above, I have no idea who is in the charts
  • I actually thought to myself the other day, " I wonder where my slippers are"
  • The fact I wanted a pair of slippers
  • If I go out (which is rarely) I will take a coat with me
  • I now think "God they must be cold" when I see women in skirts on a night out.
  • When I go to the pub, I sometimes order a coffee.
  • I'm starting to enjoy some British dramas on TV (I generally hate British TV but Liar has been great!)
  • A quiet night in beats going out on the piss
  • Wanting to buy Werthers originals!
So, what things have made you say to yourself "I'm getting old"?

Let me know in the comments

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October 12, 2017

Old School Posts Linky 11

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October 09, 2017

The Vasectomy Chronicles 2 - The consultation

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Did anyone else spend their Thursday morning getting their nuts felt by a giant man?


Just me then! TMI I know, but you have seen the title of this post and decided to read on anyway!

Back in July, I wrote the first post detailing my decision to have a vasectomy and the ensuing doctors visit. You can read that post here.
After my visit to the Doc he told me the next letter i would receive would be detailing my appointment, as they would do it there and then with it being a quick procedure. Nice one I thought, my nuts did not think this.

Around the end of August, I got a letter from the NHS. This'll be my appointment I thought. Nope! It was a letter to a consultation, it was made very clear that this wasn't my procedure. There was a pack to read about what will happen during the procedure and what to expect afterwards.

"I bet I have to get the boys out at this appointment" 

No, you won't the Mrs said. Kerry wanted to come with me as she wanted to hear what they had to say also as the brochure (that isn't quite the right word) stated I needed to have 48 hours off work and rest with my feet up. I'm all for resting and putting my feet but I can't afford to take a sick day so Ronnie and Reggie can recuperate.

Once we got to the appointment, a female nurse came and asked me to come through, not immediately, of course, this is the NHS after all. I wasn't expecting it to be a female nurse due to the fact we would be having a conversation about my meat and two veg for the majority of the appointment. We walked into the room and there was another, younger female there.

"We have a student here today, do you mind if she observes?"

"No" I said, hoping that if Bonnie and Clyde do have to make an appearance in front of two strange women, they aren't all shrivelled up! The nurse informed me that this appointment was basically to see if I qualified to have this procedure on the NHS and to also see if I meet the criteria to have it done at the community doctors and not the main hospital in Hull.

The questions ranged from "How long have you been married?" and "How long have you been together?" Both of which I got right! Phew! Then more standard questions about whether I smoke, take drugs etc. She took my weight and height and worked out my BMI, you have to be under a BMI of 35 to qualify to have it done in a community centre. I came in at a portly 27 but still way under the threshold. I passed all the questions with flying colours, I didn't get a certificate though, or a sticker, or a lollipop! The NHS is really cutting back!

After these questions, she had to read through the pack I had been sent and that I had already read the night before (obviously). She apologised for this but said she had to do it. I was then informed that a doctor would have to come in and "have a feel" as if he could feel the tubes then that could present an issue. She went out to get the doctor as he was with another patient. At this point, I had to ask the student

"What made you want to look at men's bollocks for a living?"

She laughed and told me that she was just on a placement from the university and had to see all parts of the centre but that she did find this fascinating because this is something that she didn't expect.

Neither did I love, neither did I!

It was pants down time!

I was informed the Doc was on his way and I should go behind the curtain and drop my jeans and boxers to my ankles. There was a piece of blue roll to "cover my modesty".

"This ain't big enough love"

Is something I might have said if that were true. It was plenty big enough.

I did as I was told and waited for the doc, the female nurse kept coming in which was extremely annoying, there was no need to be taking selfies with my lads. I heard the doc come in and ask if it was OK for him to come in. I told him yes and he snapped on some latex gloves and got down to some third base type stuff.

I expected to be quite embarrassed by this but I had told myself beforehand that this is something these people will do so many times, they aren't bothered so neither should I be. Plus, it's not as though we'll be going to Subway afterwards together for a meatball sub. The doc checked what he needed to check and I was back in my seat before I knew it. With my pants pulled back up.

I was then given an appointment, 17th January 2018!!

Dammit. At least this gives me plenty of time to buy some extra tight underpants, boxers are not allowed!

I will write another post at the time of having the procedure to let you know how it went and what to expect if you are a man who is thinking of getting this done. Have you had this done? Was it as bad as you thought? Let me know in the comments.

*I have now had the snip, you can read Part 1Part 3 and Part 4 by clicking the links. All my thoughts and how it went are in these posts.

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October 05, 2017

Old School Posts Linky 10

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