The Santa Talk

Santa, Saint Nic, that fat prick with the big sack, are all names that we associate with the big jolly fellow Father Christmas.

That isn't a condom about to slap Santa in the face, I think.

Father Christmas has a lot to answer in my opinion, he bribes children to be good with presents

"Stranger Danger!"

He also, once a year breaks into your house. Yes, he leaves cool presents, unless your dad and he leaves you socks but still, he has committed a crime! 
If you're a bit of a traditionalist you may leave him some form of alcohol. He seems to do a lot of drinking and flying, yet gets away with it! It amazes me what a stack load of presents can get you out of!


We all know that Father Christmas ain't real.

Soz if you just found out!

Pretty much every parent tells their children about the magic of Christmas and includes Santa in these stories. It gets our children excited and there is nothing better than seeing our children's faces light up at the thought of Christmas! My Kids love it, well Joseph does. Alice is still a bit too young to understand yet. Joseph loves leaving a glass of daddies Disarano out for him and a carrot for Rudolph. I'm pretty sure Rudolph is going to prefer a Dairy Milk this year. 

Last year the Mrs left out "footprints" from Santa so Joseph could see them in the morning. His face was a picture! 

At some point though there comes the realisation that you need to tell your children the truth.

When is the right age to tell a child that Santa isn't real? Again, soz if I've spoilt it but you really should pay attention, you could have found out earlier in the post. 

As Joseph has only just turned 6 he is a long way off finding out about this. We do tell him that we buy some of the present but that we send them to Santa so he can deliver them to him if he's a good boy. The Mrs and I haven't discussed when we would tell him, as I said he is still very young.

For those of you with older kids, how did you go about telling them? What age were they? If they had a brother/sister how did you get them to not blurt it out to them? Bribery? 

We have a 4 year age gap between our kids so Joseph will know for quite a while before Alice does, hopefully. 

Let me know your thoughts...

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  1. My son is 4 shortly before Christmas and I think this will be the first year he properly understands it. I'm pretty sure he's gonna be a bit scared of the big man, so this will be interesting.

  2. Mine are 13 and 11! I took them to Lapland to the real Father Christmas' house and they got to spend the whole day with him and you know what, he was so convincing even I believe!

  3. All mine have guessed it for themselves so far. Buddy is 9 this year so I think we are nearing the end of our Santa journey!

  4. my elder 2 are 13 and 12, when they were 9 & 10 I assumed they knew, so I sat them down and told them, and they were devastated! I mean snot bubbles and everything. I softened the blow by telling them that from now on they can help to be Santa, but I can assure you I won't be making the same mistake with Annabelle who is 8, she will NEVER be told.
    If you haven't seen it then watch polar express and you will see Santa is very real ;) You just have to believe

  5. We are a way off having to explain this to our kids, but interested in reading the comments for tips for the future! For the day they work it out and we have to broach the topic. Always good to be prepared!

  6. My nephew still believes in Santa and he's 11!! I'm sure that this is the year though... scary stuff. Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofblog

  7. Never tell them. I was never told. My boys are 11 and 15. We still talk about him but I assume they don't believe. We keep the magic though and leave out the goodies.


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