Ford Focus 2017 review

This week I needed a hire car to go to a work meeting. I always enjoy getting a hire car as they are at most 2 years old which is a lot better than my 11-year-old Citroen Picasso (he's called Pablo in case you were wondering). Plus I get the added bonus of not adding wear and tear to my own car.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a new 2017 plate ford focus. It only had 5500 miles on the clock! Goodtimes!

I have never been a fan of the Ford Focus cars due to the fact that on the two occasions I have sat in one when we have been looking for a new car I have not been able to fit in them properly because of being so tall. My head always hit the ceiling! With this car being new I thought it might be different.

When I got in the car my head immediately hit the ceiling. I adjusted my seat more than I would have liked to accommodate my massive head. I was ready to go.

I loved the look of the car, I don't usually like white cars but this one looked very smart. Inside it had satellite navigation on a touch screen console. You could also connect your phone via Bluetooth and take advantage of the DAB radio system. 

The car had plenty of space next to the handbrake to store your phone and more importantly a space to store your coffee. A note to all car manufacturers, you can never have enough cup holders in a car! The radio volume was very good, as I was driving home, "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor came on. When this song comes on your not, not going to play it really loud. The bass in the car was great, I could hardly hear myself singing at the top of my voice whilst driving on a motorway.

The car handled well, the power steering was a breeze and such a welcome change from Pablo's lack of it. It came with 6 gears which is something I'm not used to but this made no difference to me. Something I wasn't used to was the "Key" came with no actual key. Which I only realised when I sat in the car and was ready t set off. 

Shit! How do I start the car?

I had never come across this before but my brief moment of panic was over when just to the left of the steering wheel I noticed a fairly obvious button that said "Start" and "Off". I took a gamble on assuming this would start the car and, hooray! It did! You're like the car whisperer Rich.

The car was a nice size and had a good sized boot. The boot was actually bigger than a Vauxhall Mokka that we hired last week which was surprising. I was warned that the car was very low so to watch out for speed bumps. I went over a few on my journey but had no issues. I also thought this might be a difficult car to get out of, especially with me being used to a Picasso. No issues there either.

The main downside to this car for me, and it is a deal breaker for me. The car was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever sat in. I was in agony with my back for the whole day after a one hour forty-five minute journey in this car. As mentioned I had to recline the seat back to enable me to sit properly so that my head didn't touch the ceiling of the car. All new cars seem to have a part of the seat that sticks out and almost hugs you into the seat. I think this is meant to give you comfort but if like me, you have a dadbod, it isn't a good thing. 

The Ford website shows you the specs of the car etc and has a category for comfort and convenience, in which the seating isn't mentioned at all. I wonder why? 

Overall, a really nice looking car and handles very well. This could easily accommodate a family of four like us. Comfort is a major factor me, with my wife and I both having very bad back issues. This car sadly would not be suitable for us because of this.

Are there any other tall people out there who have had issues fitting in a Ford Focus?

I was not asked to provide this review by anyone. All views are my own.

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