5 Things I must do

Next week is my week off from work and my first full week off with both my children since last August. I can't wait to be off to spend some time with them as a family but I also know it's going to be hard work. Joseph will probably play up and I will get mad and wish I was back at work.

Five things i must do

Fingers crossed it won't go that way, I want us to have a nice week together, so I will need to remember that he is only 5 and let him burn some energy off.

Having just had to spend £350 on my car MOT I'm looking to have a week of fun times with the family, but also free times!

I also have a few things that I must get done in this week off

1. Tidy the shed. Our shed is made of brick and has two "rooms". One is uber small and the other is average sized. I need to sort everything out so I can somehow squeeze a candy cart in and four 4 foot wooden letters that spell the word LOVE (for my wife's new business venture). Added to this all the normal "shed stuff". It's going to be a tight squeeze.

2. Tidy the loft. The loft all boarded out and is decorated (not by us, but the previous owners). It is 21ft long and currently full of stuff for car boot sales. Running along the length of it at each side, inside the walls is storage space. I need to get in these areas and see what crap I put in there two years ago. Then sell or bin it.

3. Buy an outfit for a wedding. We are going to a wedding in the middle of August which is in a barn, the dress code is whatever you want it to be. I don't have anything other than jeans, t-shirts or jog pants in my wardrobe, so I need something wedding worthy. I'm thinking chinos and a short sleeved shirt of some description.

4. Take Joseph for a meal. I want to spend a bit more alone time with Joseph as we always seem to be fighting with each other. I'd like to take him to a pub/restaurant for some dinner one day just me and him and just generally spend some time together.

5. Blog every day. This one will be a toughy. I aim to blog about my week off every day. Not sure if I'll achieve but I'll give it a shot.

Does anyone else have any plans for the coming weeks?

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  1. I bet you do 3 and 4. Don't bother with one and two. Those sorts of jobs are meant to be done in retirement.


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