5 reasons a child should try Karate

Joseph has been learning Karate for 5 months now. Around 6 weeks ago he had his first grading and passed to earn his Red belt. He was very chuffed! Karate has been great for Joseph and it is something that he really enjoys. He is one of the youngest there at only 5 years old but he works hard.

Joseph trains with the Hull & East Riding Karate Academy under the guidance of sensei Wayne Clark. We aim to get Joseph there twice a week to train. His next grading will be for his yellow belt. 

Have you been thinking about getting your children into Karate? here are five reasons as to why I think it's the right thing for any child to do:
  • It instils discipline in the children, they have to behave or they cannot continue to train.
  • It keeps them fit but is also fun.
  • It instils confidence in them
  • They meet new friends outside of school.
  • They get to take part in something amazing. The sense of achievement they get from getting their next belt is great. They have to work hard for it but it is worthwhile.
Joseph has really come on in the five months he has been doing it. He genuinely enjoys going and loves to practice with me in the garden. He especially loves to teach his one-year-old sister how to karate punch!

His Karate class have a competition currently to win a new Karate suit, they had to make a video of them training. The winning videos will also be placed on the Karate academy's website. You can see Josephs video below that was made by his uncle. It truly is an amazing 2-minute video. Joseph loves to see the views go up so please have a quick watch!

Thank you for watching!

Karate really is a great thing for boys and girls to take up. I took up Karate when I was younger and managed to get to Blue belt before hitting my teenage years and deciding I didn't want to do it anymore. As I watch Joseph it brings back the memories and I love being able to help him out which gives us some great time together. 

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  1. Karate is great and he enjoys it so much, he's made lots of friends and has learnt to work as part of a team. I would love to see you back in that white suit though!! ;)

  2. What a great video!! The Wax on, wax off, the rocky tribute...love it! How great he's doing so well so young! Brilliant! #livelifelove

  3. The video is fantastic! I'd consider karate for our little girl when she's a bit older. #livelifelove

  4. I've been considering it for The Boy, he's 6 and I think it would do him a lot of good!

  5. I have been debating this about my 4 year old, i think it is such a great idea. His a bit young at the moment, but i think within the next year or so i will find a local class for him

  6. What a great idea - totally signing Miss O up when she's old enough!

    Pass The Wine Please #TriumphantTales

  7. Very well done to Joseph on passing his grading! I did karate between the ages of 12 and 22. School and university got in the way a bit, so I never made it to black belt, but I did get my brown belt. Strangely, none of my kids have ever done karate, team sports seem to work better for them, but I agree with everything you said about it!

  8. You are preaching to the choir here mister!!! Hubby had awful asthma as a child and doctors recommended pretty much a life of quiet solitude, until a friend recommended Karate. His Sensei took on board his health issues and it actually helped his breathing. He ended up competing nationally, learned discipline and a hobby and more to the point, respect for how the body is a weapon in itself. When Ben is older we've already mentioned enrolling him in classes!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week

  9. My son loves Karate too. In fact it's the only activity he has stuck at (apart from swimming lessons - which I force him too do telling him it's a 'life skill') that he has started. He began 7 months ago and will be taking his yellow belt in a couple of months too. I also believe that it has been very beneficial - the exercise is great and as the classes are of mixed ages and abilities he is much more confident around others (especially people he knows). Wish your son the best of luck when he grades for his yellow belt :) Emma


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