The Deep, have you been?

At Dadsquad, we are running a series through the summer of places to go with your family. One of the places I think everyone should try and visit is The deep. It is the worlds only submarium.

The kids will have plenty of fun here! Situated on the Humber estuary, it opened in 2002 and is something that people from all over the country come to see! Children under the age of 3 do not have to pay to get in which is always a bonus. Children aged 3-15 are £10.50 and adults are £12.50, you can get a discount for buying online too. A great feature about going to the deep is that you can pay just once and take advantage of FREE access to The Deep for a whole year!
There is a cafe, toilets, restaurant and even a little play area for the kids. The restaurant is called "Two Rivers" and is unique in the fact that are eating directly next to a tank. So, as you tuck into your fish and chips, you can see his cousin swim by.

That was a joke, all of The Deeps food is sourced locally with sustainable ingredients. We have never eaten in this restaurant but I have heard it is amazing.

Both Joseph and Alice love the deep. Joseph is getting to that age now where he is interested in reading about the fish etc and not just looking through the tanks. There are so many fish, sharks and some very weird looking creatures to see. Once you get to the bottom there is a glass lift to take you back up to the top which stops at certain points so you view fish. 

They even have Nemo and Dory swimming around! If you're lucky you will even see a sawfish, which personally is my favourite fish. They have plenty of sharks swimming about as well, Which leads me to sing the theme tune to Sharkey and George (if anyone remembers that) throughout the rest of my trip.

Perhaps the most popular part of The Deep is the penguins, they were introduced a number of years ago now and have been a big hit. this is something we could stand and watch for a while. If you get there at the right time you can see them being fed.

We love The Deep and it is somewhere we will no doubt go several times throughout the summer holidays and it is somewhere that I advise people to come and see. If you live in the Yorkshire area then the drive wouldn't be too bad. The Deep is also situated close to our marina which had a number of bars to have a drink. there is plenty of seating to sit outside and relax. They have spent a lot of money developing this area in the past few years and it really is a lovely place to go.



  1. I moved to Hull 21 months ago and was amazed at how much there is to see. I am still learning of things to do but have done the museums and The Deep. I have to say I love the deep but my anxiety means I rush and by the time I am in I am out again lol.


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