Our Sunday baking biscuits

Today we decided to bake some biscuits. I had got some biscuit mix sent from Sweetpea Pantry for answering a few questions for one of their father's day posts (I have not been asked by Sweetpea Pantry to do this post).

Today we decided to video this. We haven't done any videos before but I have wanted to start a Youtube channel for us as a family. So, today "One Hull of a Family" was born on YouTube.

Now this video was planned to be a lot longer than two minutes long but we had a Joseph related meltdown and as such I did most of it on my own. I apologise in advance for my boring voice and my face lol. Sadly I can't change/can't afford to change either.

I'm glad the first video is out the way now, the next few videos will be filmed on our video camera and editing on the laptop and not on my phone like this one was.

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