My weekly hug is from the other night, Hurricane Alice hasn't been very well of late as she has an ear infection. As such she has been sleeping mid-afternoon (i know, unlucky us) which has meant she has been going to bed at around 10 pm. While her mum gets a bath we have a routine of putting in the night garden on with the curtains closed etc and she lays down with some milk and I pretend to enjoy watching that pile of turd. 

After about 30 minutes Alice just got up and shimmied across the couch and laid on me for a cuddle. Alice isn't a cuddly baby, in fact, she desperately tries to get away whenever I want to give her a cuddle so this one was really nice.

Mummy of 5 Miracles


  1. Aww I hope your ears feel better soon Alice, Earache really sucks!
    Great photo, thank you very much for joining my linky :)

  2. Aw bless her, hope the infection clears soon. Freya is also a fan of In the night garden, Lovely photo x

  3. Oh bless her I hope she gets better soon!
    Lovely little snuggle though! #MyWeeklyHug


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