You don't mess with Nanny Plum

Last week I was turned into a frog on Twitter by none other than, Nanny Plum! It was a tough time I must admit. I got through it with copious amounts of biscuits and coffee. I still have flashbacks almost a week after the horrific event. I didn't really deserve it either! Probably.

It started with a simple statement...

Nanny Plum is if you don't know the sassy and opinionated Fairy in Ben and Holly's little Kingdom. This is the only kid's show that I actually enjoy watching (Nanny Plum, if you read this I obviously like Peppa Pig too and Miss Rabbit is totes the best character).

Nanny Plum replied...

If you don't want to upset Nanny Plum, you probably shouldn't mention the obvious sexual tension between her and the Wise Old Elf, that's when she starts to get a bit threatening.

It's then, probably not wise to use her own catchphrase towards her! That's when it happened.

So, if you don't want to be turned into a frog by Nanny Plum, do not, I repeat do not

  • Mention the sexual tension that she and the Elf have
  • Use her own catchphrase against her
Other things that are likely to annoy her are:
  • calling her Plummy, Plumster or Nana P
  • Telling her that Miss Rabbit is pretty out of order for not letting other members of society have a job
  • Telling her that Tinkerbell is a better fairy than her
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  1. Well that was an unexpected twitter conversation to read! I think I would avoid irritaiting Nanny plum at all costs. You have heard of the Jelly Flood, yes?

    1. I have John, and later on, on that day I received a Jelly Flood also. Badtimes haha

  2. Brilliant! I had a massive crush on Nanny Plum. I blamed it on the sleepless nights and lack of adult/human interaction.

    Then again, on Twitter you say...


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