15 things I've learnt about my son 2

Back in March, I posted my 15 things I'd learnt about my son post. I wrote this post because with all the things that come with daily life I wondered if I actually knew some basic things about my son. You can read that first post here.

A couple of days ago I asked Joseph the exact same questions. I fully expected every answer to change completely. See for yourself below

What is your favourite...

Colour - Blue, because the Blue power ranger is the best (different answer)

Film - Power Rangers (different answer)

TV program - Blaze and the Monster Machines (different answer)

Thing to do - complete my Power Rangers activity book (different answer)

Thing to eat - Choc ice (different answer)

Place to go - Legoland

Thing you like doing the most with Mummy - Baking pancakes (different answer)

Thing you like doing the most with Daddy - Playing Angry Birds on the tablet (different answer)

Thing you like doing the most with Alice - Playing toys with her (different answer)

Game to play on the tablet - Subway Surfers (different answer)

Thing to do at school - History (different answer)

Ice cream flavour - Chocolate

Flavour of Crisps - Salt and Vinegar (different answer)

Superhero - Spiderman (different answer)

Animal - Cheetah cause their real fast.

As you can see from these answers, only 3 of them remained the same and we have a bias towards Power Rangers.

I know a few people posted something similar to this post in the last few months, have you asked your children these again? How many answers of theirs were the same as last time?



  1. My eldest is only four so perhaps now is the time to ask these questions, she's still exploring the world around her but either way, it's a great idea!

    1. Thanks! It's easily made into a series seen as though kids change their minds every 5 seconds

  2. Never done anything like this, certainly not as a blog post. Very enlightening!

    1. It's something i will probably do in a few months time as I know his answers will have changed again. He seems to enjoy it to!

  3. It's amazing how quickly they change their minds. Wait till he announces he supports a different team 😂😋


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