June 28, 2017

A hugging good time

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My Weekly hug is from my two children, Joseph and Alice

June 25, 2017

Our Sunday baking biscuits

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Today we decided to bake some biscuits. I had got some biscuit mix sent from Sweetpea Pantry for answering a few questions for one of their father's day posts (I have not been asked by Sweetpea Pantry to do this post).

Today we decided to video this. We haven't done any videos before but I have wanted to start a Youtube channel for us as a family. So, today "One Hull of a Family" was born on YouTube.

Now this video was planned to be a lot longer than two minutes long but we had a Joseph related meltdown and as such I did most of it on my own. I apologise in advance for my boring voice and my face lol. Sadly I can't change/can't afford to change either.

I'm glad the first video is out the way now, the next few videos will be filmed on our video camera and editing on the laptop and not on my phone like this one was.

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June 20, 2017

You don't mess with Nanny Plum

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Last week I was turned into a frog on Twitter by none other than, Nanny Plum! It was a tough time I must admit. I got through it with copious amounts of biscuits and coffee. I still have flashbacks almost a week after the horrific event. I didn't really deserve it either! Probably.

It started with a simple statement...

Nanny Plum is if you don't know the sassy and opinionated Fairy in Ben and Holly's little Kingdom. This is the only kid's show that I actually enjoy watching (Nanny Plum, if you read this I obviously like Peppa Pig too and Miss Rabbit is totes the best character).
June 18, 2017

Fathers day photo

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As we all know it's fathers day today. Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there! Here's two photos my son took this morning, one of my presents and one of my presents and half of me!

June 10, 2017

One Hull of a Dad #childseyeview 1

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My childseyeview photo was taken by my 19-month-old daughter Alice. She loves playing with my phone so I thought it was about time she could do something other than ring random people for 3 hours.

She loves looking at my phone so she can see "Hobo" who is her brother Joseph, we have called him Jobo since he was little and that is how she pronounces it. She loves to see photos of him when he isn't around. She now has a love for taking selfies!


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June 10, 2017

Childseyeview Linky #1

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June 10, 2017

15 things I've learnt about my son 2

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Back in March, I posted my 15 things I'd learnt about my son post. I wrote this post because with all the things that come with daily life I wondered if I actually knew some basic things about my son. You can read that first post here.

A couple of days ago I asked Joseph the exact same questions. I fully expected every answer to change completely. See for yourself below

What is your favourite...

Colour - Blue, because the Blue power ranger is the best (different answer)

Film - Power Rangers (different answer)

TV program - Blaze and the Monster Machines (different answer)

Thing to do - complete my Power Rangers activity book (different answer)

Thing to eat - Choc ice (different answer)

Place to go - Legoland

Thing you like doing the most with Mummy - Baking pancakes (different answer)

Thing you like doing the most with Daddy - Playing Angry Birds on the tablet (different answer)

Thing you like doing the most with Alice - Playing toys with her (different answer)

Game to play on the tablet - Subway Surfers (different answer)

Thing to do at school - History (different answer)

Ice cream flavour - Chocolate

Flavour of Crisps - Salt and Vinegar (different answer)

Superhero - Spiderman (different answer)

Animal - Cheetah cause their real fast.

As you can see from these answers, only 3 of them remained the same and we have a bias towards Power Rangers.

I know a few people posted something similar to this post in the last few months, have you asked your children these again? How many answers of theirs were the same as last time?

June 06, 2017


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My weekly hug is from the other night, Hurricane Alice hasn't been very well of late as she has an ear infection. As such she has been sleeping mid-afternoon (i know, unlucky us) which has meant she has been going to bed at around 10 pm. While her mum gets a bath we have a routine of putting in the night garden on with the curtains closed etc and she lays down with some milk and I pretend to enjoy watching that pile of turd. 

After about 30 minutes Alice just got up and shimmied across the couch and laid on me for a cuddle. Alice isn't a cuddly baby, in fact, she desperately tries to get away whenever I want to give her a cuddle so this one was really nice.

Mummy of 5 Miracles