Are you a textbook parent?

Parenting can take many forms, you can wing it, take advice from friends and family or you can read how to parent your child from a textbook/Google. Which one are you? Are you a bit of all three?

I used to hate the idea of being a textbook parent, and I hated people telling us how to deal with our child, especially when we had just had our first. I wanted Kerry and me to figure it ourselves. Everyone is always doling out the advice when you find out you're going to have a child, "don't do this", "oh you must do this"

Piss off!

Now 5 years later, we've done the same thing to some of our friends, I just think its one of those things you can't help. It just comes out!

I've known people that have been textbook parents and whilst I didn't think it was right for us, it worked for them and good on them. These thoughts I had were when my children were babies. Now that Joseph is five, I am more than happy to consult Dr Google for help on how to combat or how to pre-empt certain things. I'm all for making our lives easier.

My main advice to any new parents would simply be, parent how you want to parent. If you want to read a textbook then do so, if you want to follow every Tom Dick and Harry's advice then go for it. We're all just trying to raise our children the best way we can until they stick us in a home and spend our money in Mexico

Are you a textbook parent? Has it worked well for you? Did you do what you thought was right regardless of the advice given? Let me know.

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