Alice in wonderland

I have a daughter named Alice, she wasn't named after the Disney film, she was named after someone special in our family. Alice is 18 months old currently and she is without a doubt, the face that runs the place, her world is full of happy and crazy things, after all she is a toddler. I would love to know what really goes through her mind. Alice stars in her own blog series called Alices Adventures!

Alice is extra cute, she has a gorgeous smile and is incredibly cheeky. She has this uncanny ability to make you smile even when you're telling her off. Both my kids are beautiful, I was going to say I have no idea where they get it from but I might be in trouble with the Mrs so I best say it. They do get it from me. Obviously.

Currently her brother can be a handful at times and some days I think "just pass me the vodka, I don't care that it's 7:30 in the am" but I know that this is nothing compared to what awaits me when Alice gets another year older. She already tantrums etc and she is a massive diva!

I recently wrote a post on 15 things I've learnt about my son which you can read here. Now, as I cant do this with Alice yet I thought I would just share some of her likes and dislikes

Alice likes

  • Smiling and laughing (especially when she trumps)
  • Peppa Pig, Mr Tumble, Justins House and Teletubbies! FML
  • Broccoli, she actually likes this more than chocolate
  • Sticking both fingers up her nose at the same time
  • Eating baked beans, she prefers to pick each bean individually of her mums plate
  • Her brother, she loves him loads and loads
  • Putting things like clothes down the toilet
  • Taking all of the crisps out of the cupboard and throwing them everywhere
  • Pulling her trousers down and laughing
  • Blowing raspberries at the exact time you tell her off for something

Alice dislikes

  • Being in her pram
  • Joseph, when he gets all up in her grille
  • Kissing daddy when he has a beard
  • Watching darts with daddy
  • Unbranded "Quavers". She's a crisp snob!
  • Not being in Disney World (probably, thats just me really)
  • Doing as she's told, ever.
  • Wearing slides, they're in her hair for about 7.3 seconds
  • Wearing dresses, hats and sunglasses (apart from the posing photo above) 
  • She also hates the tast of Yankee candles, it does serve her right for trying to eat one though
There you have it, my little girls likes and dislikes. I'm sure they will change week in week out. What does your child like/dislike?

If you want to see Alice's brother Josephs very first blog post (written by himself) you can read it here


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