A Chocolatey Poem

I love all things chocolate, that much is true
Then Beech's chocolate got in touch to ask for a review 
I was sent three of their new flavours to try
Champagne, salted caramel and coconut macaroons, oh my!

The chocolates arrived and I couldn't wait to see

What chocolatey goodness awaited me
Champagne chocolates, I didn't know what to think
The chocolate was lovely and they tasted like the drink
I tried the salted caramel on an evening for supper

They went down a treat, especially with a cuppa
The caramel was sweet and the chocolate tasty
My sweet tooth was really going crazy

My kids love chocolate and they were enthused
When they were sent some chocolate teddy bears to aid the reviews

They loved the taste and couldn't get enough
They even tried pinching mine, ha! Good luck!

Joseph loved the teddy bears the most
He loved them so much he wrote a blog post

The coconut macaroons were by far the best
For me, they were better than the rest
The chocolate and coconut went great together
I could carry on eating these forever

Beech's chocolates can be shipped to all UK regions
They are gluten free and most are suitable for vegans

If you're looking for some chocolates I could give you many speeches
But you can't go wrong if you choose to buy from Beech's

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We were sent these chocolates to review. All opinions are 100% our own.