Top five most hated children's TV programmes

We are all annoyed about having to spend a large portion of our lives watching shit children's television. Spongebob is a show that I actually don't mind watching and thankfully at least one of my children like watching it. but, which TV shows really annoy me? let's find out...

Here's my list of most hated children's tv shows

Justin's House - If that robot wasn't such a useless twat he wouldn't have to keep "dustin for Justin"

Mr tumble - played by the aforementioned Justin and infuriates me with his stupid faces and the daft noises he makes. I wonder what he'd sound like if he was from the east end? "Oi! Wheres my spotty bag you slaag!

Teletubbies -  How the frig did they have kids? I thought they were kids? How do they... never mind. Social services need to pay them a visit, those babies are left alone whilst the Teletubbies fuck off outside far too often. Tubby toast and custard is really not a healthy diet either.

Peppa pig - I already covered my disdain for Peppa pig in a post you can read here. I think the new character Gerald the giraffe is seriously going to regret moving to that town. 

In the night garden - can this program BE any more annoying (pretend chandler from friends is saying that). What's with Makka Pakka and polishing rocks? Polish some fucking windows, get paid and make a contribution to society! I don't trust those sneaky fuckers the Pontypines either, they always seem like their conspiring together, Iggle piggle needs to watch his back I think, they'll have his blanket away in a flash if he's not careful.

What's your five most annoying kids TV programs? 

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  1. Dunno if I agree with you in general. I think kids tv nowadays is great. I'm currently watching gravity falls (brilliant if you don't watch it) and it's made me laugh aloud 3 times in the last few minutes. The 2 last series of scooby doo, fantastic. Ben and holly. You babe it. There's loads of good stuff.

    However if you are having to sit through thebaby stuff it can be tedious. But does Justin (and his aforementioned house) not also babysit your kids while you have a cuppa and browse on twitter?

    1. It does do that lol but i hate his annoying voice so much. I like spongebob and Ben and Holly. Haven't seen that show you're watching, i'll give it a bash

  2. I like Ben and Holly and Peppa Pig (I know I'm the only adult that does) I also like Hey duggee. I've never watch Mr Tumble but I'm sure I'd hate it. You tube rules here with Gecko's Garage #1 and that awful song "daddy finger, daddy finger...."

  3. Ben and Holly rocks and always will. The rest can go off and leave me be. Sponge Bob was my youngest fav........ i wanted to slap Sponge Bob for his annoying voice and utter stupidity! I haven't seen Tubbies for more years than i can remember....they have kids now? Mr Tumble......... i have no words........

  4. My youngest used to love Peppa Pig, and I always found that kind of endearing.
    Wait until they get onto Horrid Henry. Now THERE'S a programme with not one redeemable character in it!
    Henry's annoying, so called "Perfect Peter" is anything but and a complete wind up merchant brat, Susan is a whining mare, and Mum's a wet lettuce who needs a slap.

  5. I couldnt agree more with In the night garden!! That program is so annoying!! Have you read the books too? I say read but the words dont even make sense! What a pip! #oldschoolposts

    1. I haven't read the books thankfully but I know they'll end up making their way into the house soon 😭😭😭

  6. I used to loathe in the night garden - thank goodness my girls have grown up a bit now. They like to watch some "grown-up" stuff like X-factor which is almost worse ! #oldschoolposts

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