April 30, 2017

Have you had a Haven holiday?

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Looking for a break away in the UK? Maybe just a weekend away or you're looking to go for a few more days, you'd be hard pressed to find somewhere better than with Haven.

We have had 4 mini-breaks with Haven in the last 2 years and loved them all. One was a Monday to Friday stay and the other three were for a Friday to Monday stay.

The three Friday to Monday stays where all at the same place which was Flamborough on the east coast. It's about 50 minutes drive from where we live.

April 29, 2017

Top five most hated children's TV programmes

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We are all annoyed about having to spend a large portion of our lives watching shit children's television. Spongebob is a show that I actually don't mind watching and thankfully at least one of my children like watching it. but, which TV shows really annoy me? let's find out...

April 22, 2017

I fear I'm losing my son

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I fear I'm losing my son, I just don't seem to be able to connect with him anymore. We constantly bicker and I am constantly telling him off. He is five years old. I love him so much and I hate that I am always telling him off. Maybe I'm too strict but then he answers back and it just makes things worse.

I look drugged. I'm not. I wish I was.
April 04, 2017

PND in Dads

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Post natal depression (PND) is more likely to affect parents in the first year of a babies life. I never knew that PND could affect dads but after reading a couple of posts on Twitter recently I did a quick bit of research. It is now recognised that it isn't just mums that can suffer, but dads too.

There is no single answer as to why people experience PND but can be a number of factors due to the emotional and stressful event of having a child.
April 01, 2017

The 7 year Itch

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The seven-year itch is a psychological term that suggests that happiness in relationships declines after around seven years of marriage.

Divorce rates show a trend in couples that, on average, they divorce around seven years. Divorce seems to more and more common these days. 

Kerry and I celebrated seven years of marriage this week. Will the seven-year itch rear its ugly head for us?

Hell no!

Here are seven reasons why the seven-year itch won't happen for me (I can't say it won't happen for her though)