Things I wish I knew before I started blogging

Blogging is massive. Like, really massive. It is something I have enjoyed since I started my first post in July 2016. I had thought about starting a blog for 7 months before finally writing my first post. I had no idea what I would write about. I have two children so topics aren't in short supply so that was a good start. There are many things I read about blogging before I actually wrote my first post but here is a list of the things I wish I knew.

  • Just how hard thinking of things to write once you're out of the honeymoon phase is. Make sure you have a notepad with you or use your phone to make notes of potential blog post ideas. They will come to you and if you don't make a note you will forget them 3 minutes later.
  • I never realised how big the blogging world is. Get to know people, maybe even before you start your blog. Engage with them and then steal all their wisdom.
  • It isn't a competitive world like you probably think. Everyone is really friendly and helpful. That I have spoken to anyway. There is a little group of us that chat often and we have a good laugh. These are people I probably would never have interacted with if it wasn't for blogging. I'm glad I started.
  • Blogging challenges may seem like a great idea, but they are very hard to maintain. I did the 30 day blogging challenge. My tip would be to write all your posts first and then just post them daily. It does help with views and followers especially if you share on Twitter.
  • Auto DM's on Twitter are not a good idea. Don't be fooled into thinking these will get you more views. If anything they will get you more unfollowers. I had one for a few weeks until I realised how annoying it was reading everyone else's. If you can't/don't have the time to talk to someone straight away, then don't. 
  • Plenty of people will play a game called, ill follow you, you follow me, then I'll just unfollow you after and hope you don't notice. We call those people twats.
  • You will get low views on some posts, probably not many subscribers (I only have 2) but don't worry about it. Keep writing, write for yourself and keep engaging with people on social media and they views etc will come
That's another post complete in my #Bloglife series. Thanks for reading. Don't forget to check out the other posts in the series and please give them a share. 

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  1. Still learning here, and still making mistakes!

  2. Oh auto DMS and f/if people grrrrr! I had someone auto DM me thr other day and it said something like 'yes this is an auto DM, but there's a real person behind it...blah blah'. Go away! I've also had someone auto DM me saying this isn't an auto DM etc etc, I followed them from another of my profiles too and got THE EXACT SAME 'NOT AUTO' DM!
    They are twats! Haha! Great post, and a nice change from the usual 'blogging tips' posts.


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