15 things I've learnt about my son

Our children are our lives, they depend on us for everything. We love them unconditionally, even when they're being twats. We spend an enormous amount of time with. How much do we really know about them? Do we ever ask them what they like?

Well I did, I know my son. I know what he likes doing and what he doesn't, but do I know the detail, the everyday stuff that you might not think, such as his favourite colour etc? I asked him 15 questions and he duly answered. You can see his responses below...

What is your favourite...

Colour - Gold

Film - Angry birds movie (this will change next week no doubt)

TV program - Spongebob

Thing to do - crafting with Mummy and Daddy

Thing to eat - Turkey faces and chocolate cake (not together, hopefully)

Place to go - Legoland

Thing you like doing the most with Mummy - Watching TV

Thing you like doing the most with Daddy - Playing Crash Bandicoot on the PlayStation

Thing you like doing the most with Alice - Playing bricks or playing outside

Game to play on the tablet - Minion Rush

Thing to do at school - Maths

Ice cream flavour - Chocolate

Flavour of crisps - Cheese and Onion

Superhero - Batman, cause he's funny in the Lego movie

Animal - Cheetah cause their real fast. Or a snail

Some of these I knew, some I could have guessed and some I didn't know or I thought it was something else. As Joseph is only 5, I imagine if I asked him these questions next week they would all change. For now, I know my son a little better.

Do you know what your children would say if you asked them these questions? If you ask them and write a post about it, tag me in your social media and I will share it.

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  1. I love this! My son is only 6 months old so as of yet I'm having to guess at what he likes and every day is a learning curve. I love that your son said either a cheetah or snail! Complete opposites!

    1. Thank you! I asked why a snail if he'd already said cheetah? He just said "cause their slow" 😂

  2. 'We love them unconditionally, even when they're being twats.' haha I loved this - great idea. Will ask my two and see what random stuff they come out with.


  3. Aw the favourite animal made me laugh because he chose a cheetah because its fast then chose one of the slowest animals going! #oldschoolposts


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