Why cant I take the pain

Today I spent 7 hours in the hospital with my wife. She was there to have a medial root block injection (6 in total) into her back, a nerve block injection that would disperse dye into her body which would help with the pain and also a few steroid injections to "pack" the space were two of her discs should be, they have crumbled away.

I really hate seeing her in pain, I wish I could take that pain on for her.
Kerry was very nervous about this today and was getting more and more anxious by the minute. Especially in the waiting room where she just wouldn't keep quiet. There were plenty of other people there, though. All of them had had this type of procedure before so they could tell her that it wasn't bad as she was probably thinking. Even seeing her this anxious stresses me out, I should be able to take this anguish away from her but I couldn't.

As Kerry cannot physically lay on her front due to the pain she was told she would be sedated to ensure she could lie on her front for the procedure. This only seemed to make things worse as she doesn't take to well to anaesthetics and is always sick after them. Every person in the waiting room had previously been sedated so could tell Kerry how it feels. This made me feel slightly better and Kerry said it made her feel better. I know that it didn't. 

I have been through the medial root block before for the issues I have with my back, I had 6 injections altogether around my L3 and L4 vertebrae. Kerry asked me how painful it was. It was uncomfortable but I had hope that it wold work so whatever pain this was going to cause didn't bother me. I never had any sedative with mine as it was never offered. Thankfully I found the pain bearable. Sadly it didn't work for me. I hope it works for Kerry.

Seeing my wife in this much pain daily breaks my heart, it saddens me that someone so happy and full of life has to deal with this shitty problem. I wish I could take this pain for her. 

As I write this post she is in bed. After the procedure, her right leg had gone numb and she couldn't put any weight on it, which meant she couldn't walk. We waited for over an hour for the feeling to return, it came back enough that she could get to the car with two nurses helping her to walk and me behind her with a wheelchair just in case. The numbness we were told could be a side effect. The booklet they give you states, it's a very rare side effect. For fuck sake. 

She has got smacked up on prescription medication which will help her sleep. She needs to rest for 48 hours to allow the injections to fully work but can expect to be in a lot of pain for the next few days just from the injections alone. 

Everyone cross your fingers for me and hope this works. I sooo want this to work for my beautiful wife. Tomorrow is her birthday which really sucks for her as she won't be able to do anything, but if this does work then it could be the best birthday present ever. Apart from that Super Nintendo I got her one year, obviously.

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