Stay at home parents - I salute you!

To all the stay at home parents out there, whether you're a SAHD or a SAHM, I salute you. Today is my wifes birthday but we cant celebrate like normal birthdays due to her being in hospital yesterday for pain injections in her back. She is on bed rest for 48 hours. You can see yesterdays post on this here

So, today I became a stay at home dad. This isn't an issue, I have had them before on my own but generally only for a couple of hours while Kerry goes out. When I'm off work we always do something together so it is both of us helping out so, I can say that I am not really used to having them on my own. I love my children more than anything but would I ever want to be a stay at home dad?

Hell no!

I know that looking after children is hard work and my wife does a great job in doing so. I mean, there both still alive when I get home from work so that counts for something. Surprisingly today, they are both still alive also.

To anyone who is a stay at home parent, congratulations on your awesomeness, you are a better man/woman than me. Here's how my day unfolded.

Wake up, I mean woken up at 7 am by Joseph shouting "is it morning?" FML. I only got to bed at midnight last night due to Alice waking up 45 minutes after going to bed and also needing to wrap Kerry's birthday presents after being in hospital all day. We got up and went downstairs. Joseph "helped" Kerry open her birthday presents. I give the kids their breakfast and resist the urge to just give them a potato each, that would have been the easy option. No easy options for me today. I cleaned up in the kitchen etc and Joseph started to play up. He doesn't listen to us, he shouts in our faces, calls us Pooheads and is just generally a fucking twat when he's in this mood. 

Here's a pic of him smiling
By the time 11 am came he had been in his bedroom alone 3 times. I even "threw away" some of his toys, and also took the TV out of his room. It made no real difference. 

11:30 came and it was time to take Joseph to doctors to check on a lump behind his ear. He's getting over chicken pox and this was a new lump and hurt him. Turns out it was his lymph nodes being inflamed which the doc said is normal. I even grassed Joseph up to the doctor about being naughty. Yeah, I can be a dick to son. 

After docs we went to Asda to get some food for Alice and some ingredients to make some cookies for Kerry. Joseph was great, he's a real Jekyll and hyde character. When he's naughty he can only be described as a tosser. When he's good, he's amazing, he's such a pleasant and helpful boy. He was now acting this way. 

Kerry's sister and niece came round to see her with it being her birthday. Alice was flagging so, I took her out in her pram to get her to sleep then me and Joseph made cookies. from scratch and yes, they are amazing. Even Kerry who is the baker admits they are. We baked about 21 in total, there may or may not be about 6 left. 

Just as we finished baking them She-Hulk wakes up. I decide to bath the kids before tea so i can get them in bed after they have eaten. Alice is at that age where she is incredibly cheeky, even my sternest "RIGHT!" makes her stop whatever naughty thing shes doing, look at me, laugh then do it anyway. Trying to get her changed after a bath is a nightmare, she wriggles about, laughs and generally just kicks me in the nads until i manage to get her changed.

Once she's ready its Josephs turn, he gets out and decides to sing the "I've got my willy out" song. Which you are right in thinking, isn't a song. He made it one anyway. For ten minutes. 

After our tea, Joseph is sat watching tele and eating a cookies whilst Alice is biting our new leather couch. FFS.

She then helps herself to the last dregs of a cup of tea and soaks herself resulting in another change of clothes, I take you back to the video, only we're downstairs this time. After this, Alice just walks around the living room all cocky thinking she runs the place. Kerry's on the laptop so Alice thinks it's worthwhile to come and start licking the laptop screen. What the hell is wrong with my children?!

I can't wait to get back to work tomorrow!

Again, well done to anyone who looks after their children and doesn't go out to work. They're all in bed now and I'm so glad. I love them to bits but I think seeing them on my two days off and a few hours on a night is what's best for my mental health. Thanks to my wife who does a great job with them. She often asked me when Joseph was first born if I would like to quit work and look after him and she go out to work. I always said yes, I would love to but because I earnt more we couldn't do that. 

It isn't worth asking me that question again.

I salute you, stay at home parents!

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  1. Haha - sounds like an eventful day. I'm a SAHD and it's tough - but it is what it is and I much prefer it to going to work each day! I know my missus says that she doesn't think she'd be a SAHM, hence are family setup.

  2. Oh it was lol. Since starting blogging i never realised how many SAHD there actually are. I think if i was one i would be less stressed as i would be used to the daily issues that arise with children

  3. Novice! Only kidding. I've been doing it for a few months now and can confirm that it's hard work.

  4. Sounds like you had fun! My partner is already ready to get back to work by sunday afternoon as he just cant cope and we only have 1 child! I love coming home from leaving the 2 of them on their own to find the washing still out, pots need to be done and nothings packed away as i know he appreciates me more when he knows the amount of work i do at home! :)


  5. Ima part time sahd and it can be really hard work but worth every moment Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  6. It is hard work and I'm glad that I work part time, as I don't think I could be a stay at home mum! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  7. All day every day. it can be fun too. I wouldn't swap it.

  8. I find working far easier than staying at home , I don't think many people realise how hard it is, I remember swapping roles with Gareth and him saying afterwards how he would never moan about working again #oldschoolposts

  9. That's right you know where your breads buttered babe!! #oldschoolposts

  10. Hahaha! Oh dear. It's not easy is it? I was in hospital for over a week a few months ago, and my hubby COULD NOT WAIT to go back to work! He said it was so hard.
    Cute video! I remember my twins being like that. The bastards.
    Well done you for surviving! #oldschoolposts

  11. My OH used to do night shifts as a camera operator on telly which would mean he would leave at 10pm and not get back until 6am and it was hell. I've always been the SAHM and I don't think I would change it to be honest! I'm always in awe of people who can do it and juggle jobs too! We are all bloody supermums and dads!

  12. I'm a part-time SAHD. I honestly look forward to the end of the week, when it's just me and the little one. HOWEVER, there's only one of her and she's still little enough to not give me too much strife. Ask me how I feel in a few year's time! #oldschoolposts

  13. I'm sure you did a great job and the kids loved having you around for the day! Your post made me giggle and it's nice to see a man who appreciates all his wife does for their children.

  14. Im currently on maternity with a 3.5 year old whose favourite hobby is to make my life hell, not her dads but mine and a 2 month old baby boy who loves to make his dads like awkward! Such is life eh? Feel for you in this post mind #oldschoolposts


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