Do you pay for your childs school uniform?

All schools have to have a uniform. It's understandable, it shows all children to be the same and prevents children from getting bullied because they dress differently. That's fine and I agree that it should be the case. What I don't agree with is being told I have to buy their uniform!

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We were told at the start of the year that the schools uniform is, black/grey trousers, white polo shirt and red jumper. Both the polo shirt and jumper should have the schools logo on. Meaning we have to buy them from the school. At £8 each! I don't think so.

I don't know about you but we have 3/4 jumpers and 3/4 polo shirts because kids are, well kids. We're lucky if the jumper isn't mucky before we set off for school. That would be £74 spent on uniform. The way children grow and how much mess or "learning" they do at school means that we would probably need to buy new uniform after a month. Meaning that I would be easily spending £500 or more on uniform a year. He's in primary school!

Needless to say and as you can see from the photo, I will not send my boy in the "schools" uniform. I can get two red jumpers and three polo shirts from Asda for £10.

Josephs school keep sending out newsletters to remind parents that jumpers etc should have the school emblem on. My question to the school or governing body is, how does a school's emblem on a jumper effect his education? Does it make his ability to learn worse if he doesn't have this badge sewn into his jumper? Joseph is only in year one and the number of new jumpers that have mysteriously gone missing after he has taken them off in class is alarming. This is one of the reasons I will not buy theirs, they cannot guarantee me that he will come home in it and they would certainly not refund me the money for the "missing" uniform.

It doesn't in any way and unless they drop their prices on uniform drastically, I will not be buying it. Joseph is doing extremely well at school and is one of the brightest in his class, all this with just a normal red jumper on. Go Joseph!

Does anyone else have this issue? Has your child's school actually spoken to you about this?

Has your child failed all of their educational exams due to a un-emblemed piece of apparel?

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  1. Logo'd school uniform is not compulsory for primary state schools. At least that is what i am led to believe. Both my boys have logo tops and jumpers. Last year uniform alone cost over £200 for both boys. It is something they were 5 days a week for 36 weeks a year. I would have spent more on normal clothes if uniform wasn't needed.

    That saying no one should feel they have to buy logo uniform. Supermarkets sell a great range of coloured polo tops and jumpers. I've known some parent buy logo jumpers and use nonlogo tops.


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