Would you leave your five year old at his first party?

This weekend Joseph has been invited to his first school friends party. Joseph is in year one at school and is doing really well. He loves going to school and learning new things. What more can a parent ask for? He does, however, have a "must keep my shoes clean and ensure everyone else in my class keeps their shoes clean" fetish. His teachers love this, I just wish he could have a "let's tidy up all my shit after playing with it" fetish.

As I said, Joseph has his first party. It's at Hollywood bowl, which as you might have guessed, a bowling alley. You can eat there and also play video games. Joseph will love this, he loves all of those three things. Thankfully chicken nuggets are available, or so I'm led to believe.

My question is, if your five year old had a party to go to that wasn't in somebodies house, would you drop him off? Then go crazy and enjoy 2-3 hours spare time by guzzling all the wine you can find and hope he has the traits of a homing pigeon because you'll be too steamed to go and pick him up?


Would you take him to the party and stay so that you could keep an eye on him and also judge his shit bowling technique?

We're going with the judging his shit bowling technique option.

After all, we don't actually know the parents of the girl whose party it is. We would feel much better knowing that we can see him. Plus the girls parents might want a hand supervising the children and ensuring all the chicken nuggets get eaten. I'm not going to refuse such a noble task. I love chicken nuggets.

Another reason we can't go on a crazy 3-hour hangover style bender is that we have the very small but very violent issue of little Alice. Josephs sister. She would be most displeased at not seeing her big brother do his crazy dance when (i really mean if) he gets a strike. 

3 hours at a party it is.

How did you feel when your child's first party invite came? Did you leave them or did you stay? Do you still stay now? Let me know what you think.