Bloglife - A series for newbies

A few weeks ago I was tweeted by Tash (click here to follow her on Twitter). She asked me and a few other bloggers to share our experiences of blogging. I felt this was a good opportunity to share what I've learnt and also write a little blogging series for newbie bloggers.

I have only been blogging for 7 months and I'm not sure how much any of this will help but I will give it a go.

My aim is to try and make everything I say as easy to understand as possible. When I first started out, there was a lot of things I didn't understand and I never realised just how much there is to blogging.

I don't know everything by any means and I have read quite a few posts on other areas that I don't have much knowledge and where I can, I will link to any sites that I know that explain them well.

In this series, I aim to share with you:

I will hashtag this series as #BlogLife so if anyone feels like sharing or commenting then please use the hashtag.



  1. I'm not a complete newbie but I'll still be following this. Thanks

    1. Thanks for reading, i'll be aiming to get the bulk of them out over the next two weeks

  2. I have been blogging nine months and I have learnt so much about the blogging world in this time yet I have so much to learn still! #oldschoolposts

  3. Looking forward to this! I find so many of these things that are so difficult to understand so can't wait to see your ideas!


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