10 facts about the blogger #allaboutme

I was nominated by Daddy Poppins to complete this #allaboutme post. You can visit his blog here
Thanks for the tag Mr Poppins.

As you might tell by the title, this post is 10 facts about me. Prepare to be amazed, astounded and bored to death. If you're lucky. Let's get to it...

1. Despite what a few people say, I do not look in any way like the two muppets you see above. I also do not look like beaker from the muppets.

2. My name is Rich, born Richard, I have been called Rich, Richie, Richard and Dick. I am neither Rich or a dick.

3. I have been married to One Hull of a Mum for almost 7 years and been together 11 years. She does have an actual name and that is Kerry. We got married in Orlando, Florida in 2010

4. I have currently lost 11.5lbs on slimming world. I had lost about 10lbs before joining slimming world. Joining SW has given me that little extra push to lose some more weight. 

5. I have two children, Joseph (5 years old) and Alice (16 months).

6. I work for Hobbycraft as a store manager. If you're not from the UK, it is the largest craft chain in Europe. As you might be able to surmise from the name, we sell lots of things to do with hobbies and crafts.

7. I've never broken any bones in my body. Several sprains of my wrists from when I used to play football in goal and some damaged ligaments in my ankle from when the Mrs pushed me off a kerb on New years eve one year. It was playfully but still fucking hurt. 

8. I love Disney World in Florida, going to the gym, reading, watching TV box sets and anything to do with superheroes. I also love Oreos and Dairy milk chocolate. Who doesn't?

9. I live in Hull which is the city of culture for 2017. Hull is a place you have to go to, so no one does LOL. You cannot pass through Hull to get to anywhere.

10. I have been blogging since July 2016 and am thoroughly enjoying it. Everyone that I have come into contact with has been awesome! 

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