Alices Adventures - A life update

Hey ya'll!

Sorry I haven't been around for a while, its been cold so my mum and dad have just hibernated at home. Which has meant I haven't been able to go on many exciting adventures. That's not stopped me from making my own adventures at home though! Isn't climbing fun?

So, what have I been up to? I think I've come on quite a lot since my last adventure which you can read here

Well, I've fully mastered walking and I'm well on my way to beating Usain bolts 100m record. Slow ass.

I still have my parents wrapped around my little finger, a well placed giggle, cheeky smile usually gets me off the hook for most things. If I've done something quite wrong, I usually just blow a raspberry at them and run.

I've grown to love my big brother even more now. I miss him so much when he goes to school, there is a photo of him in our living room so I always look up at it. I like to give him cuddles and smacks in equal measure. I don't want him getting comfortable and thinking that runs the place.

My dads got a week off work this week, he's not allowed to have school holidays off so I get him all to myself. My aim, to make him never want to take a week off again. Pretty sure after day one it's worked. We went to park today and had a look at all the animals. I had a lovely chat with some geese on the way to the animal area. Then I shouted at a peacock because he wouldn't get out of my way. Idiot. I did, however, get really scared when the big blue and yellow parrot screamed at me. Daddy was carrying me and I was being all cute and awesome and the big stupid feathery turd just screamed at me!

How rude!

I'm getting pretty good at climbing now, I can manage to move my toy box next to the TV stand so that I can climb into the TV cabinet. I can climb onto Josephs bed, he has four whole steps up to his bed but that's not a problem for me *smug face*.

That's it for this life update. I'll speak to you soon

I can actually get a finger in each nostril. Talented.

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  1. Good work, Alice. Especially on the nostril jammming!


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