Peppa Pig - 5 Questions we need answering!

As parents, we all know that the children's TV show Peppa Pig sucks, big time. Yet our darling little children seem to love the show, much to our annoyance.

I found out a few months ago that theirs a Peppa Pig world! FML. I'll consider that as a bucket list item crossed off. If I manage to never go that is. As much as we hate the show, we all probably know the words to the "bing bong" song and the "flying high in the sky"song word for word. Thanks, Peppa creators, thanks.

I have 5 questions about Peppa pig that I think we deserve answers for.

1. We always see or hear about Grandma Pig and Grandad Pig and as we know from watching the episodes a million times they are Mummy Pigs parents. My question is

Where are Daddy Pigs parents?

Where they the victims of Mr Wolf's first murder spree? Did they have some major family feud and has Daddy Pig been banished from his parents life? We know he has a brother, so why doesn't he have any parents?

2. When they go to Italy for a holiday they get pulled over by the police three times for losing Mr Teddy however, the same police officer fails to mention the fact they were just driving the wrong way down a motorway which could have ended up in a serious multi-car pile up costing many anthropomorphic animals their lives. You can be killed by the armed police for that in our country (give or take a few other crimes as well).

3. Is Daddy Pig an expert at anything? Other than being an expert at bullshitting of course.

4. Fireman Sam has recently again ensured it is keeping the political correctness army at ease by introducing new characters. When are we going to see a disabled animal in Peppa Pig? Maybe a dog with three legs?

5. Miss Rabbit is clearly a workhorse, has she had a visit from the tax office? I'd seriously be enquiring whether she has taken a leaf out of Jimmy Carr's book to get out of paying all that tax. Surely she must be in breach of the working time directive? Unemployment statistics will never get better if they don't start employing other animals in some of those jobs Miss Rabbit has.

Does anyone have the answers to any of these questions? If so, let me know. Do you have questions of your own about this serious topic?

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  1. Ha ha. I've had the same musings about Daddy pigs parents. Also why is George called George.

    Peppa Pig, Richard Rabbit, Danny Dog, Suzie Sheep, Zoe Zebra? Could they not think of a boys name that starts with a P?

  2. Haha. Very good.

    Did you ever see the time they go to daddy pigs work and all the others in the office have jobs like 'printing out shapes' and he explains that his job is "quite complicated - I take big numbers, transmute them, and calculate their load bearing tangents." - I sourced that from 'pigipedia'

  3. Haha i wish i'd though of the George point lol.

    Yeah ive seen that episode, that was a low point for me haha. But we know Daddy Pigs a bullshitter, maybe he just adds up the budgets for lunch..

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  6. We may think Daddy Pig is a bullshitter but he is the puddle jumping world champion. .. I am one with the puddle.

  7. There's an episode with 'Mummy Cow'(she's in the mummies fire brigade)... Where are her kids?! Is she living with Mr Bull? And if so, why isn't he Daddy Bull? Or are they not his kids, wherever the f*** they are?! It's a mystery.

    1. Maybe they had a terrible accident so he dug up the road to hide his mistake in? There are so many unaswered questions in this program!

  8. Do they ever get the school roof fixed? They are ALWAYS raising money for it but I've never seen it be repaired, and what's actually wrong with it anyway ?

    Does it ever seem like granny and grandpa pig don't really like daddy pig to everybody else because I really sense some tention going on there


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