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Anyone that knows me is aware that I love cake. I also hate post. So when I was asked last week if I would like to review a cake by post, as you can imagine I was in a bit of a quandary. I soon snapped out of it, after all, it was cake!

I wasn't disappointed.

Below is my review of bakerdays letterbox cake.
I was contacted on Twitter to see if I would be interested in reviewing a letterbox cake and if so, I should email a member of their team. I emailed them to let them know my blogger T&C's and if that was acceptable to them, then they can get in touch.

As it was the weekend, I was contacted promptly on Monday morning. I was liaising with a lady called Anna who is a junior designer at bakerdays. She was very professional and asked me to get back to her with my chosen design and any text/picture requirements for the cake.

I had a look at the bakerdays website. If you want to visit the site then please click here. I checked through the valentines category (there are over 40 categories of cakes to choose from). I wanted to get a cake for my wife, so, after looking through the site I decided I would go for a cake which had a picture of two owls and said "Owl will always love you" (the Mrs likes things with owls on). I asked if they could put my wifes name on it and also "from Rich". 

The cake size I was reviewing was the "baby of the family". It is a 5-inch cake that fits perfectly through a letterbox, hence the name letterbox cake. There are 4 different sizes of cake to choose from. Once you have chosen the size of cake that you require you can choose what recipe it is made from. You can choose, vanilla sponge (free), choc chip with Belgian chocolate (add £1), Gluten free (add £2), Dairy free (add £2) or fruit cake (add £3).

You can choose your design, any personalisation you require and delivery type. You can have next day delivery if you wish (if you order before 2 pm). Great for those people who are running late with a gift idea. They will even deliver all over Europe and even to the USA. They deliver 6 days a week. 

I was told they would aim to deliver my cake within ten days of my email and to allow 1-3 days delivery. I should point out that I was given this cake in exchange for an honest review of the bakerdays experience and product hence why the delivery time suggested was longer than what they offer on the site. 

Imagine my surprise, when some two days later I come home from a hard days work and find a package waiting for me. Upon opening the package I could smell the cake. It smelt amazing! As I had wanted this cake for my wife I let her open the box. 

"Wow, aww that's really cute", "It smells delicious" was my wifes response.

The cake came in a very nice tin, a compliments card and a pack of "love hearts" sweets.

Nice touch.

We sat down with a cuppa ready to enjoy our cake, after the kids were tucked up in bed, obviously. We weren't letting them in on this action. No way. As the cake is 5 inch it is perfect for two people and I'm not ashamed to say that we ate half each with our cuppa.


The texture of the sponge was very light and fluffy, exactly what you want from a cake. bakerdays make their own buttercream, I am a big fan of buttercream and I was not disappointed. I may have put weight on when I next get weighed at slimming world but it was totally worth it. The bright colours and design of the cake were exactly what you see on the website. 

Overall - a great tasting cake!

The idea of a cake by post is great, especially if you need a gift for someone that you may not be able to go and see that often. You would be hard-pressed to find an occasion they don't have a cake for. 

I can't fault Anna who I dealt with over at bakerdays, she responded promptly to my emails and didn't ignore any questions that I asked. as a blogger potentially going to review something this is a must. The cake was delicious and I would definitely recommend bakerdays to others. They are also active on social media, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for reading

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