The reason Children are naughty

Recently I ran a very scientific Twitter poll. The poll was to try and find out why children are naughty.

I've just took a shit, I'm not telling you where though

I asked my followers why they thought their children were naughty and gave them 3 different options (see, scientific). After running the poll for a day I can tell you that the reason children are naughty is because....

There arseholes.

69% of followers chose this answer. I think that's enough to say that this test was conclusive, don't you?

Here are 5 reasons why I think this test is true:

1. When they've had enough of being squashed up, they charge out of a tiny hole. Leaving no regard for their Mother's body.


2. They give you "that" stare when they're taking a shit. Then they do one more audible strain just to make it worse.


3. They also happen to "fall" on their arse just after having a shit. The result: back splat!


4. The way they tell you, you've ruined their day. Even though they have been naughty for the entire day.


5. The way they'll sneakily eat most of your birthday chocolates and put the wrappers back in the box.


There will undoubtedly be many more reasons to prove this very conclusive poll. What do your kids do that make you think, that was a dick move kid!

All of these things have actually happened to me in real life. I do love my kids more than anything but these results and this evidence doesn't lie. Sometimes, kids can be, arseholes. Sometimes they can also bring unlimited happiness. Only sometime's though.

Thanks for reading.


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