Alice's Adventures - Growing Up

Hey everyone, I'm back! I haven't written a post for a while because daddy has been doing his stupid blogging challenge. You should have seen him when he got 1000 followers on Twitter. What a sad, really tall man.

That's me, some say I'm cheeky. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.

At the end of September, I turned 1 year old. Go me! I'm learning new words all the time but my stupid mouth only says "hiya" constantly.

Hey, guess what? I started walking! Woop Woop. As you can imagine, mummy and daddy are really happy about my new found ability. Daddy was especially happy when I managed to walk up to the window sill and grab his phone then drop it on the floor. When I took my first few steps, mummy and daddy were clapping and I admit I was pretty chuffed with myself. Mummy was videoing it and then daddy put it on Facebook like I'm some performing monkey. He'll do anything for "likes" that guy.

My big brother has been getting jealous latley. Partly because I keep being spectacular. I do keep giving him lots of hugs though because I love him lots and he always makes me laugh. I then pull his hair and twat him one with the Sky remote so he knows who's boss.

This was just before or just after I smacked him with the Sky remote, I forget.
Talking of the Sky remote, you should have seen daddy the other night when the Sky remote stopped working. Once he'd realised it wasn't a problem with the batteries, the look of desperation on his face was awful. Especially as he realised "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" was coming on and there was no way to change the channel. He must have fixed it later on when I was in bed because I was woken up by the sound of a "woohoo". Doesn't he know I need my beauty sleep! I'm just kidding, I'm gorgeous! I still woke up every hour that night though just to show him who runs the place. That's me dad, not you, in case you were wondering.

In the last few weeks daddy seems really happy becasue he thinks I've only just learnt to "shut the drawer" and "put that down". Silly old git, I've known what that means for months, I'm just not so good with the taking orders stuff. I probably listen to about 12 and a half per cent of what my daddy tells me. Last week we had two bins in the kitchen for recycling. Then I went into the kitchen. We have no bins now. Mummy and daddy tried to tell me off but I'm just too cute.

This is me, cute as can be.
Mummy keeps complaining because I'm "growing up to quick". I'm only 1 mam, calm down. I cant even eat on my own without nearly digging my eye out with a spoon.

I dominated walking this week and think that climbing is the way forward. After climbing I think hiding sounds fun!

Mount Everest next
Speak soon peeps


P.S I do a great impression of Boycie's laugh from Only fools and horses, even the actual boycie "liked" my daddies tweet. You can see my second starring role below!

Thanks for reading everyone. What do you want to here about from Alice next? Let me know!


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