The worst injury I've had - 24/30

This is day 24 out of 30 in the blogging challenge. Thanks for sticking with me. Today's post is on my worst injury.

This won't be a long one. As far as actually injuring myself goes, straining ligaments in my ankle when the Mrs pushed me over a curb on new years eve one year has to be about the worst.

I suffer with "disc degeneration" in my lower back which causes me to have chronic pain and will stick with me forever.

If you want to read my post on 'how to live with chronic back pain' then please click here

Thankfully I haven't had any injuries of note. I've never broken any bones or had to be admitted to hospital for any reason. I'm pretty boring really.

Check back tomorrow to read day 25. 

5 days to go until this challenge is over!

Thanks for reading


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