The Walking Baby!

Oh my god! I feel sick! I'm so gutted! What have I just watched? Where do they go from here?

Are all things I've seen people write on Facebook about the first episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead. 

Now thanks to the internet, I do know what's happened even though I haven't caught up past season 4 yet! I have read the comics of The Walking Dead and am quite far ahead of this Negan character so I know he's a bad mofo.

As I'm nice I won't spoil it for anyone, plus this post isn't about The Walking Dead.

It's about the walking baby!

"Aww, I can't wait for her to walk" 

"She'll look so cute when she's walking"

Are a couple of things the Mrs and I said about our daughter, Alice.


She has now started walking (finally). She's 13 months old and you can watch the video of her first proper steps here

She's a bit "crabby" with her walk and she seem's extra smug looking back at me as she's doing it (Don't mind my brown jog pants, it was, make sure you're wearing comfortable clothes Monday).

Hurricane Alice is a nightmare at the best of times in regards to not sitting still at all, crawling everywhere, grabbing everything, putting everything in her mouth, including slugs!


Needless to say, even though it is cute I can't help but have grave concern for the terror that she is going to cause now she is up and about properly.

Poor Kerry, at least I'm at work 5 days a week. Phew! 

Well done to my baby girl, Mummy and Daddy are proud of you, but please learn to stop eating the Sky remote. There expensive.

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